COVID-19 Information, Testing, Resources, and City Impacts Management & Homeland Security4/14/2021 5:30:00 PM Information, Testing, Resources, and City Impacts<div class="ExternalClassAB8B1F4EAE5447A1A4F5CDAC19B76CD8"><html> <p>​<strong>We're in this together!</strong> Looking for help? Find information related to the COVID-19 pandemic on this page. Residents with questions about city services and programs are encouraged to call <strong>(602) 262-3111</strong> or e-mail <a href="" target="_blank"></a>​. ​​​​​​​​Phoenix small businesses needing help can call the Phoenix Community and Economic Development hotline at <strong>(602) 262-5040</strong>.</p> <h3>Phoenix Testing Blitz: COVID-19 Testing, No Out-of-Pocket Costs<br></h3> <p> <a href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1399" target="_blank">Find upcoming testing dates and locations, either on-site or with Phoenix's Mobile Testing Van. Learn more.</a> </p><h3>Vaccine Fact Sheet</h3><p>Download information about the currently approved vaccines.<br><a href="/piosite/Documents/Vaccine-Fact-Sheet-English.pdf" target="_blank">Vaccine Fact Sheet - English (PDF)</a><br><a href="/piosite/Documents/Vaccine-Fact-Sheet-Spanish.pdf" target="_blank">Vaccine Fact Sheet - Spanish (PDF)</a><br><a href="/piosite/Documents/Vaccine-Fact-Sheet-Chinese.pdf" target="_blank">Vaccine Fact Sheet- Chinese (PDF)</a></p> <h3><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>Face Coverings Remain in Effect Within Phoenix City Limits<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></h3> <p><a href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1353" target="_blank">Per the Declaration of the Phoenix City Council, Face Coverings are still required in public for most people within Phoenix city limits, and for all Public Transportation (airports and buses) and at all City of Phoenix properties. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>City of Phoenix Impacted City Services Update</h3> <p> <a href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1054" target="_blank">Learn what's impacted with current city services. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>Coronavirus Business & Resident Resources </h3> <p> <a href="/resources" target="_blank">Additional resources for Phoenix businesses, the workforce, and residents relating to COVID-19. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Strategic Plan</h3> <p> <a href="/COVIDrelief" target="_blank">Information and updates on the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Strategic Plan funded by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Learn more.</a> <br> </p> <h3>Special Events More Than 50 People / Venue Re-Opening Plans </h3> <p>Applications for general or private events not occuring at or on City of Phoenix properties are no longer required due to <a target="_blank" href="">Executive Order 2021-26 (PDF)</a>. Please note, however, that applications for special events for more than 50 people are still required for events taking place at or on City of Phoenix properties. Masks are still required at these events. <a target="_blank" href="/citymanager/specialevent">Learn more and apply​</a>.</p><p>See <a target="_blank" href="/citymanager/specialevent">previously submitted and published Special Events and Venue Re-Opening Plans​</a><br></p> </html></div> & HS
Phoenix Testing Blitz: COVID-19 Testing, No Out-of-Pocket Costs Management & Homeland Security4/14/2021 5:20:00 PM Testing Blitz: COVID-19 Testing, No Out-of-Pocket Costs<div class="ExternalClassF1C9758188F04AC8915F5D9E7CE73C7C"><div class="ExternalClass65DC6478567C4DBA90F9970D4C8FB71C"><div class="ExternalClass83ECFA059D3644608F2F114B046FD2CB"></div><div class="ExternalClass83ECFA059D3644608F2F114B046FD2CB"><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;">Community partners are holding COVID-19 testing sites on select dates. <br></p><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;"> <strong>Related:</strong> <a href="/newsroom/em-and-hs/1561" target="_blank">Find information related to the COVID-19 virus and City of Phoenix, including testing, vaccine fact sheet, resources, and city impacts. <strong>Visit the information page.</strong></a></p> <br> <h2 style="color:#e7524c;line-height:1.4;text-align:center;">COVID Testing Services</h2><h3 style="line-height:1.4;"> <img alt="Stationary Site" src="/newssite/PublishingImages/van_03.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:144px;" />Stationary Site <br></h3><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;"> <strong>Maryvale Park</strong> <br>4420 N. 51st Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85031 <br>Mondays and Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  <br><em>(effective April 10, Friday testing changes to Saturday)</em> <br>Appointments recommended at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <br>Offers PCR test with results within 24 hours. <br></p><h3 style="line-height:1.4;"> <img alt="Mobile Van #1" src="/newssite/PublishingImages/van_01.jpg" style="letter-spacing:-0.4px;background-color:window;margin:5px;vertical-align:baseline;width:144px;" />Mobile Van #1 <br></h3><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;">Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. <br>Offers Antigen and antibodies test. <a href="/newsroom/public-works/1455" target="_blank">Read More</a>. <br></p><h3 style="line-height:1.4;"> <img alt="Mobile Van #2" src="/newssite/PublishingImages/van_02.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:144px;" />Mobile Van #2</h3><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;">Mondays or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays. <br>Offers antigen results in 15 minutes and PCR with results within 24 hours. <a href="/newsroom/public-works/1739" target="_blank">Read More</a>. <br></p><h3 style="line-height:1.4;"> <img alt="Walk-Up Sites" src="/newssite/PublishingImages/van_04.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:144px;" />Walk-Up/Drive-Up Sites</h3><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;">Weekends (varies) from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (varies) <br>Offers PCR test with results in 24 hours.</p> <br> <h2 style="color:#e7524c;line-height:1.4;text-align:center;">Current Schedule​​​<br></h2><h3>Wednesday, April 14, 2021</h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #2.</strong> Dunbar Elementary<br>707 W. Grant St., Phoenix, AZ  85007<br>1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank">​​​​</a></p><h3>Thursday, April 15, 2021<br></h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1. </strong>Fry’s Food Store<br>850 E. Hatcher Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85020<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><h3>Friday, April 16, 2021</h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1.</strong> Falcon Park<br>3420 W. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ 85009<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><h3 style="line-height:1.4;">Saturday, April 17, 2021<br></h3><p></p><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1.</strong> John F. Long Family  Services Center<br>3454 N. 51st Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85031<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><p></p><p> <strong>Mobile Van #2. </strong>Heard Elementary School<br>2301 W. Thomas Rd.. Phoenix, AZ 85015<br>7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank">​​​​</a></p><p> <strong>Drive-Up Site.</strong> Steele Indian School Park<br>300 E. Indian School Road<br>8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.<br>Register at <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br></p><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;"> <strong>Drive-Up Site.</strong> St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church<br>6531 N. 27th Avenue<br>7:00 a.m. to Noon<br>Register at <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br></p><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;"> <strong>Drive-Up Site.</strong> Sunnyslope Park<br>802 E. Vogel Avenue<br>7:00 a.m. to Noon<br>Register at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>​<br></p><h3>Monday, April 19, 2021<br></h3> ​<strong>​Mobile Van #1.</strong> Deer Valley Community Center <br>​2001 W. Wahalla Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>​<p></p><p> <strong>Mobile Van #2. </strong>Faith North Preschool<br>910 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85034<br>7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><h3>Tuesday, April 20, 2021 </h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1. </strong>Cesar Chavez Park<br>7858 S. 35th Ave., Laveen Village, AZ 85339<br>1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>​</p><h3>Wednesday, April 21, 2021</h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #2.</strong> Capitol School<br>330 N. 16th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007<br>1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank">​​​</a><br></p><h3>Thursday, April 22, 2021 </h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1.</strong> Fry’s Food Store<br>4230 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85009<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><h3>Friday, April 23, 2021</h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1.</strong> Fry’s Food Store<br>850 E. Hatcher Road, Phoenix, AZ 85020<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href="">​</a></p><h3 style="line-height:1.4;">Saturday, April 24, 2021<br></h3><p></p><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1. </strong>Western Star Park<br>4425 E. Western Star Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85044<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><p></p><p> <strong>Mobile Van #2.</strong> Bethune School<br>1310 S. 15th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007<br>7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank">​​​​​</a>​<br></p><p> <strong>Drive-Up Site.</strong> Steele Indian School Park<br>300 E. Indian School Road<br>8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.<br>Register at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><h3>Monday, April 26 </h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1. </strong>Desert West Park and Sports Complex<br>6602 W. Encanto Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85035<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><h3>Tuesday, April 27, 2021 </h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1. </strong>Paradise Valley Community Center<br>17642 N 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85032<br>1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><h3>Thursday, April 29, 2021</h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1.</strong> Fry’s Food Store<br>6601 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85033<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><h3>Friday, April 30, 2021 </h3><p> <strong>Mobile Van #1.</strong> Cholla Library<br>10050 N. Metro Pkwy E., Phoenix, AZ 85051<br>7:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.<br>Register at: <a target="_blank" href="">​</a>​</p><p> <br>​<br></p><h4 style="color:#777777;line-height:1.6;">Media Contact<br></h4><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;line-height:1.6;">Yvette Roeder <br>Cell:602-501-0620 <br>Email <a target="_blank" href=""></a><br></p></div> <br> <span id="ms-rterangepaste-end">​​​​</span></div></div> & HS
Before the Badge: Officer Rob Sandoval, Rower 12:00:00 AM the Badge: Officer Rob Sandoval, Rower<div class="ExternalClassE832BE8C3D1141D0830A4B6A2C1B1DA5"><html> <p> <em>​Phoenix Police officers come from many different backgrounds, including different careers. The department's video series, ‘</em><a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""><em>Before the Badge</em></a><em>,’ is profiling some of those careers, and the diversity they bring to the department today. </em><br></p> <p>Any team sport that is going to be successful requires teamwork from each and every member. Community Action Officer Rob Sandoval will tell you that is certainly true in the sport of rowing. He knows firsthand from his years on the University of Notre Dame men's rowing team. <br></p> <p>"If someone lifts their oar a little bit high on one side, it changes the set of the boat and it doesn't go as fast," Officer Sandoval explained of rowing. "If we're not hitting in the water and driving through at the same time, the boat won't go as fast. So, in order to be as fast as you can as a team, everyone has to do their job."​<br></p> <p>While on the Notre Dame team, Sandoval sat eight seat in the boat. That is the seat closest to the coxswain, also known as the stroke. He rowed while working toward two degrees  —  one in government and international studies, and one in economics. <br></p> <p>"I was looking at originally going into maybe politics or wall street — some kind of business," Officer Sandoval explained. "And I decided I didn't want to do either of those. I kind of wanted to do something that I felt like was making more of a difference in people's day-to-day lives."<br></p> <p>Shortly after his graduation, news that his mom had cancer brought him back to Phoenix. He hopped around a few opportunities in the following several years, before applying to the Phoenix Police Department. He began the academy in 2005. <br></p> <p>"So my first four-and-a-half years were in the Maryvale Precinct," Officer Sandoval said. "I was on just one of the regular patrol squads for a little bit. Then I went to be a field training officer where we helped train the new officers straight out of the academy."<br></p> <p>He has also worked as a detective in family investigations and domestic violence, and now is a community action officer. From the boat to the badge, he says there is a similarity through it all. <br></p> <p>"Not everyone always has the same job," Officer Sandoval explained. "But you all have to work together as one unit in order to be the best that you can to achieve whatever goal you're going after at that time, whether it was making a boat go fast or it's keeping citizens safe."<br></p> <p>Officer Sandoval has kept up with rowing, starting a team at Phoenix Police — a club sport that competes against other police and fire departments, encouraging regular exercise for strength building and mental health, and fostering that team mentality.​<br></p> </html></div>
Critical Incident Briefing: Officer-involved Shooting near 75th Avenue & Indian School Road 5:24:00 PM Incident Briefing: Officer-involved Shooting near 75th Avenue & Indian School Road<div class="ExternalClass0A456888F2C7432C93F55E03BE66B254"><html> <p>​WARNING: The attached video may contain strong language as well as graphic images which may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.<br></p>The Phoenix Police Department released a Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting (OIS) which occurred on April 3, 2021 in the area of 75th Avenue and Indian School Road.       <br><br>This incident started around 8:00pm, when an adult male suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Jose Arenas, threatened multiple people with a handgun and attempted to rob them.<br><br>Patrol officers from the Maryvale Precinct and a police helicopter were nearby when 9-1-1 began receiving calls about Arenas pointing a handgun at multiple people. When officers arrived, they searched the area and located Arenas outside a nearby restaurant, where he was pointing a gun at a family in a car, and at the police helicopter.  <br><br>Officers told Arenas to drop the gun, but he refused. He fled into the restaurant which was occupied by multiple people. Once inside he pointed the gun and assaulted two customers. An officer followed Arenas into the restaurant and gave another command to drop the gun, which Arenas ignored.  He pointed the handgun at the officer, and the officer fired at Arenas, striking him.  <br><br>After checking the back area of the restaurant, Officers provided medical aid to Arenas until Phoenix Fire Personnel arrived and transported him to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. There were no injuries to any of the victims or the officers.<br><br>The handgun used by Arenas was recovered on scene.<br><br>The officer involved in this shooting is assigned to the Maryvale Precinct, Patrol Division, and has been with the department for 2 years.<br> <br>Conclusions about whether the actions of the officers are consistent with department policy and the law will not be made until all facts are known and the investigation is complete. An internal investigation by the Professional Standard Bureau is currently underway, in addition to a criminal investigation. Once the criminal investigation is complete it will then be reviewed by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.<br> <br>Public records law required redaction of certain personal identifying information before video is released publicly. This is why you may see some parts of Body Worn Camera (BWC) blurred or covered with a black box. Redacted video is released to local media in conjunction with the release of this Critical Incident Briefing for independent review and publication. Complete, unedited versions of the BWC are released to attorneys and the courts as evidence in a criminal case.<br><br></html></div>
Phoenix to Celebrate Mayor and City Council Inauguration and Features4/15/2021 4:00:00 PMPhoenix to Celebrate Mayor and City Council Inauguration <div class="ExternalClass101A6E571E704C44B651A6D7E0A2B879"><html>​Residents are invited to virtually attend the swearing-in ceremony for newly elected Mayor Kate Gallego, and City Councilmembers Ann O'Brien, Debra Stark, Betty Guardado and Yassamin Ansari at 10 a.m., Monday, April 19th at Steele Indian School Park.<br><br>The councilmembers will take their oaths of office and provide brief remarks following the swearing-in ceremony.<br><br>The ceremony will be streamed live via <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">city's YouTube</a> channel. <br></html></div>NewsarticleArticle
Mayor Celebrates Exporters at Phoenix Sister Cities Virtual Mayor’s Export Awards Luncheon and Economic Development4/15/2021 2:00:00 PM Celebrates Exporters at Phoenix Sister Cities Virtual Mayor’s Export Awards Luncheon<div class="ExternalClass9E6235F1AEDF4682B47607751EC4A87D"><html> <p>​​Honeywell Aerospace, Sharon Harper, Daphne’s Headcovers and Carol Colombo are the Phoenix export champions of the year. These companies and business leaders were recognized by Mayor Kate Gallego for efforts promoting global trade for the Phoenix economy. Phoenix Sister Cities Commissioner Sonya Pastor LaSota presented this year’s sixth annual awards on April 15 at the virtual Mayor’s Export Awards Luncheon. The awards recognize contributions made in advancing the Phoenix export economy and draw attention to those who have demonstrated export excellence. <br></p> <p>Phoenix is resilient. COVID-19 impacted us all differently last year, but businesses and community leaders around the Valley continued to contribute to the Phoenix export economy. From further building Phoenix’s relationship with Taiwan, to maintaining its competitiveness through global trade, Phoenix continues  to be one of the five fastest-growing economies in the United States .</p> <p>“Exports are critical to economic growth in Phoenix,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said. “We encourage companies to enter the export market and to increase exports in order to create better jobs in Phoenix. We can grow together by working closely with our sister cities Hermosillo, Mexico; Calgary, Canada; and others.”</p> <p>The Export Champion of the Year is Sharon Harper with Plaza Companies. Chairman, CEO and co-founder, Harper has been intimately involved in the shaping of international economic development for decades. As one of the original founding board members of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council in 1989, Harper served as the Chairwoman of the board in 2003 and co-chaired GPEC’s International Council since it commenced in 2007. As a member of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, Harper works to advance security, economic opportunity, freedom and human dignity in the United States and around the World.</p> <p>Harper’s efforts to move the National Defense Authorization Act forward has propelled Arizona to be an international competitor on the manufacturing front, most notably on semiconductor manufacturing. Most recently,Harper has been intimately involved with the City of Phoenix in bringing global companies to this market, facilitating the supply chain that will join semiconductor giant, TSMC, here in Phoenix. Her tireless efforts to ensure Phoenix is a globally recognized competitor are apparent each day in her work to support local businesses on the international stage.</p> <p>The Exporter of the Year is Jane Spicer, CEO of Daphne’s Headcovers. Daphne’s Headcovers was founded by Spicer when she was 16 years old. Four decades later, the company is still providing jobs in Phoenix. Named for Spicer’s mother and mentor, the company established the novelty headcover niche with local roots in the Arizona Biltmore golf shop. Daphne’s Headcovers’ strong culture and core values have allowed it grow in good times and bad. It is now the oldest privately-held golf accessory company in the United States. Daphne’s Headcovers are carried by more than 200 professional golfers, including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Nelly Korda, Lydia Ko, Greg Norman and many more. Now a multi-million-dollar company that exports to more than 75 countries, Daphne’s Headcovers core value is: “We must do good while we are doing well.” Spicer puts her money where her mouth is, supporting Golf Fore  Africa, The First Tee, Veterans Golf Association, Gabriel’s Angels, and Girls Golf of Phoenix.</p> <p>The Export Service Provider of the Year is Honeywell Aerospace. Headquartered in Phoenix, Honeywell Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft engines, avionics, and many other aviation products and services found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft in the world. In 2020, the company opened a new division in Phoenix dedicated to urban air mobility and unmanned aerial systems, with potential applications in all-electric urban air taxi vehicles, hybrid-electric unmanned cargo drones, optionally piloted airplanes, delivery drones and everything in between. Honeywell Aerospace is helping to keep Phoenix on the leading edge of technology.</p> <p>The Trilateral Trade Champion is Carol Colombo, CEO of AlertGPS, a workforce safety solutions company. Since 1994, Colombo has been the State of Arizona’s liaison to the United States Trade Representative’s Office. She has advised many past administrations in Arizona regarding international trade and economic development. Colombo has lobbied and helped obtain state and federal funding for trade, transportation and economic development initiatives that have been implemented throughout North America. She is a past-president of the Arizona Mexico Commission and past Co-Chair of the Governor’s CANAMEX Task Force. As a member of the Trade and Transportation Corridor Alliance, she developed Arizona’s statewide foreign direct investment framework. Colombo has passionately and effectively advocated for the ratification of the USMCA. Her advice, guidance, and involvement ensured that Arizona’s USMCA voice was not just heard, but significantly amplified.<br></p> </html></div>
Ginger Spencer and Gina Montes Named Deputy City Managers Manager4/14/2021 8:00:00 PM Spencer and Gina Montes Named Deputy City Managers<div class="ExternalClass3414EC6B158145BC9ECF7D777EF88CE8"><html> <p>After a national recruitment, Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher has named Ginger Spencer and Gina Montes deputy city managers, effective May 10, 2021. Spencer and Montes will oversee a variety of departments and functions in the fifth largest city in the nation, with more than 14,000 employees.</p><p> <br>“Ginger and Gina bring to their new roles strategic expertise and experience that will enhance and complete our executive leadership team," said Zuercher. “Both have vast experience leading some of the largest public-facing departments in their respective cities and have been on the frontline, navigating through the pandemic. This experience will be critical as we continue to rebound as a city."</p><p><br>Montes has served in local government for 26 years, most recently as assistant city manager for Avondale, Arizona, overseeing a diverse range of city services including police, fire and finance.  She began her local career at the city of Phoenix as an internal auditor and was promoted to a variety of positions including deputy city auditor and deputy director of the Human Services Department before being named founding director of Avondale's Neighborhood and Family Services Department. She is active statewide having served as president of the Arizona City/County Management Association. </p><p><br>Montes holds a Bachelor of Arts from Texas Christian University and a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She has completed a certificate program at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.</p><p><br>Spencer began her career in local government at the city of Phoenix in 1998, serving as a management assistant in a variety of departments. She served as director of the Family Advocacy Center, acting administrator of the Office of Arts & Culture, special assistant to the city manager and deputy and assistant Public Works director, before being named Public Works director in 2017. She is a recognized national leader in solid waste, recycling, and the circular economy and was recognized by Emerging Local Government Leaders in 2018 as one of the top 100 influencers in local government. Spencer also leads the city's COVID-testing efforts to ensure access and equity for the city's most vulnerable communities. </p><p><br>A native Phoenician, Spencer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Arizona State University and a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. </p><p><br>The city of Phoenix has a Council-Manager form of government. The city manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council and is responsible for the city's day-to-day management and operations of the city. The city manager's executive team includes an assistant city manager and six deputy city managers overseeing more than 30 departments that provide critical city services, including public safety, water and trash collection, as well as managing the city's finances and budget.<br></p><br> </html></div> Manager
Learn About Pueblo Grande Museum's New Exhibit “Rights and Resilience" Grande Museum4/14/2021 5:00:00 PM Silvis (3).jpgLearn About Pueblo Grande Museum's New Exhibit “Rights and Resilience"<div class="ExternalClass18E46442ED9C426ABE8DF62033F270F9"><html> <p>​Pueblo Grande Museum is proud to present a virtual program in support of the new exhibit Rights and Resilience: Celebrating Native American Women. This program features special visitor and indigenous women's rights advocate, Rosetta Walker, who stopped by to see the new show and talks with Exhibit Designer Kim Nishihara about the powerful messages included in the exhibit.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Watch the interview on the museum's YouTube channel</a><br></p> <p>Rights and Resilience: Celebrating Native American Women is an exhibition devoted solely to Native American women who fight for their people, their place and their heritage. They are leaders in government, protectors of environmental and human rights, keepers of tradition, innovators and changemakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, advocates and educators. Despite warfare, cultural assimilation and persecution, these resilient women inspire fresh perspectives and thoughtful conversations, and embody continuity.<br></p><p><img src="/parkssite/MediaAssets/PKS_Pueblo_Grande_Museum/Bronze%20Sculpture.%20Obrzut.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:485px;height:273px;" /><br></p> <p>Centered around themes of adaptability, perseverance, and transformation, the exhibit features ethnographic objects and several powerful artworks from contemporary artists.  </p> <p>For more information about Pueblo Grande Museum's exhibits, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or call  602-495-0901​.<br></p><p>---<br></p><p>Pueblo Grande Museum is located on a 1,000-year-old archaeological site once inhabited by the Ancestral Sonoran Desert People (Hohokam) located just minutes from downtown Phoenix next to Sky Harbor International Airport. This National Historic Landmark and Phoenix Point of Pride is the largest preserved archaeological site within Phoenix. Visitors can walk a 2/3-mile trail through a prehistoric archaeological village site to see a partially excavated platform mound, ballcourt and replica pit houses.<br></p><br></html></div>





COVID-19 Testing Testing<div class="ExternalClass9084C8DD45B84256A8E5DBBB547B1775"><html>Learn about COVID-19 Testing with no out-of-pocket costs.<br></html></div>News 8:47:20 PM9/25/2021 8:47:20 PM

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