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When it comes to running a business, there are going to be times you need a little help from the City of Phoenix. That’s when you should contact Phoenix Community and Economic Development and ask TeamPHX about its Concierge Services. ​

TeamPHX is a group of professionals whose purpose is yo​ur business success. We can help you identify resources, navigate the world of permits or other city approvals with an advocate at your side. The team can connect you with Phoenix and a variety of other resources that you need for solutions to the questions or challenges you’re facing.​

No matter your stage in the business life cycle: dreaming of starting a business, hiring more people, or thinking about bringing on new leadership, TeamPHX is a single point of contact that can help you find the information you need​.

​​Navigate the City

With a city as large as Phoenix, you may not know who to contact for assistance.  Let TeamPHX help navigate the city and connect you to the department that best meets your needs.

Expansion Assistance

TeamPHX will work together with you and the city’s development team to help facilitate your building expansion.  We can prepare a site selection report of locations that match your criteria.

Community Connections

TeamPHX is knowledgeable about valuable community resources and can connect you to chambers, organizations, and alliances to provide support to your business.

2021 Phoenix Small Business Guide

Download the pdf version of the 2021 Phoenix Small Business Guide and Checklist in English or Spanish from the buttons below. This updated directory gives you the convenience of an at-your-side book of Phoenix small business resources. For the most up-to-date information, always check the Phoenix Small Business Toolbox.

Reach TeamPHX at 602-262-5040 

or email TeamPHX@Phoenix.gov​​​​

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For media, contact Eric Ja​y Toll, Communications Manager at 602-617-3797​​​​​​