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Small businesses' challenges are the same as big businesses, but with more ingenuity.

Your small business faces the same challenges as major corporations, yet you meet them with the ingenuity of doing it yourself with a small team. Financials, human resources, marketing, operations, sales—you’re supposed to be the one and only expert. Sometimes, solutions aren’t clear and some extra help could make all the difference in business. Getting help without breaking the budget needs to be a consideration.

The City of Phoenix has a variety of resources for small business resiliency. There are no costs to you when you use these services. Phoenix offers an array of help for basic business operations. There is a greater array. Phoenix helps your small business sell to the city or become part of major projects. TeamPHX is at your side going through city permit and inspection processes. The city can be your advocate right inside city hall. Below are a number of those solutions.

Personal Business Consultant
TeamPHX is your business' personal consultant.

“Mi casa ​es su casa.” Think of the TeamPHX as your team for operations support. Phoenix has in-house experts and connections with partner organizations to help businesses succeed. We work with you confidentially, discreetly and at no cost to you.

Email TeamPHX@Phoenix.gov or call 602-262-5040 ​and ask for a TeamPHX member to tell you about the services the City of Phoenix delivers to help you find solutions to your business challenges. There’s a world of resources waiting for you to tap.

Your offsite location for confidential meetings, or for training or hiring workforce.

Use the Phoenix Business & Workforce Development Center (BWDC) facilities in Downtown Phoenix as your training room, use the rooms for private consultation and meetings, and take advantage of our strategic planning facilities. BWDC connects you with the advisors you need when you need them. The assistance and guidance from BWDC and its partners come to you at no cost. It’s another reason why Phoenix is Hot.

Human Resource Support

Recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, training, retention.

The Business and Workforce Development Center delivers HR services to your door at no charge:​

Helping you build your hiring strategy and finding hidden and qualified candidates is one part of the sourcing services for your business human resource efforts. Phoenix has qualified personnel to help screen candidates. Only the best hiring opportunities will knock on your door. There are many steps to developing a workforce meeting your needs: recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, training and retention. The Small Business Team can help you with each step of the way. It’s a service to which you’re entitled to being in the City of Phoenix.

Recruiting Events
The TeamPHX brings job candidates to you.

Set up in one of our regional job centers, or other City or partner facilities and let the Business & Workforce Development Center handles the details for a successful recruiting event—either a live event or a virtual event. TeamPHX has experience in all facets from promotion to facility setup to cleaning up. Leverage the power of the ARIZONA@WORK-Phoenix​ resources. We help attract qualified and interested candidates to the event. It’s based on your need—we can set up a solo event for your company and incorporate your hiring opportunities into a group recruiting event.

Small Business Workforce Training Improvement Program

The ARPA Small Business Workforce Training Improvement Program​ is focused on providing grant funds to Phoenix-based organizations that help local employers train their workforce. If you have a small business training program or demonstration projects that benefit Phoenix entrepreneurs or the small business community, you may be eligible for our program. Organizations can apply for up to ​$250,000 to expand or enhance their offerings.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • ​Program and/or demonstration project must operate in Phoenix.
  • Proof of concept must include:
    • ​History of proposed program and/or demonstration project
    • One-year proven success rate for program or equivalent experience in project industry

ARPA Small Business Workforce Training Improvement Program Application ​(PDF link)

​​​​If your organization is interested in applying for the grant, please fill out application above and email completed application to: ​phoenix.business.center@phoenix.gov​

Labor Market Intelligence
You’ve got the questions, TeamPHX has the data.​

It is said knowledge is power. All the data in the world is just a group of numbers without a map. TeamPHX helps businesses understand the competitive recruiting environment. You’ll be able to tap into data generated by City of Phoenix or create your own with myB!zPHX, the business data analytics tool that’s a part of the Phoenix Small Business ToolBox.​ Click below to connect with the myB!zPHX tool.

Link to myBizPhx page

Connect with Other Businesses
Connecting you with small business specialists.​

Finance, purchasing, sales, human resources, marketing and operations: these are a few of the challenges you may face. Using City of Phoenix resources is like having your own idea team. TeamPHX and its partners provide no-cost custom consulting solutions on a variety of business operating issues.  Phoenix delivers solutions and TeamPHX is waiting for your call. 

Connecting you with other small businesses.

PHXb!zConnect is the city’s online local business social media platform just for Phoenix small businesses like you. Become a member today to join this exclusive Phoenix business hub and access more resources designed for your business success. Be active on the social media platform and connect with business people from across the city.​​ Click below to learn more about the PHXb!zConnect community.

Link to Phx Biz Connect page

Grant for Small Businesses Impacted by
South Central Light Rail Construction

Valley Metro and City of Phoenix, in conjunction with Prestamos CDFI, are assisting qualified program participants in the area of South Central/Downtown Hub and Northwest Extension Phase II​ light rail extensions, with financial assistance. The Valley Metro Small Business Financial Assistance Program (SBFAP) Pilot targets locally owned, small businesses located immediately adjacent to light rail construction. Eligible businesses must employ 15 or fewer people and have annual revenue of no more than $500,000. Businesses may qualify for a grant of up to $9,000 to be used for utilities, rent or mortgage payments, insurance, or payroll. Other types of documented business-related operational expenses may be requested and considered.​

StartUpPHX’s mission is to provide robust services and support for entrepreneurs.​​

Take an online class from StartUpPHX. The Phoenix Public Library’s StartUpPHX program provides programming, resources and networking opportunities to local business creators. Specialized programs such as, “Developing a Lean Business Plan,” “New Business Startup,” “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know About…Communication” and more are available for anyone wanting to bring new and local business ideas to fruition. Visit StartUpPHX or call 602-262-4636​ to learn more. 

Office of Customer Advocacy
It’s like having someone in city hall going to bat for you.​​

The Office of Customer Advocacy​​​ should be your first call before you lease space, buy a building or work with an architect to make improvements to your business.  OCA, part of Phoenix Planning & Develo​pment, helps you understand development requirements, zoning, building permits, construction plans, and timelines. The OCA team also helps when the development permitting process seems challenging or confusing. For more information on how OCA helps with Planning & Development issues, call 602-534-7344​ or email PDD.OfficeOfCustomerAdvocacy@Phoenix.gov.

The place to have your a finger on when the city is ready to buy.​​​

The City of Phoenix buys millions of dollars in goods and services from local businesses like you. Visit procurePHX and register your business as a City-approved vendor. Signing up also lets you subscribe to opportunities to sell to city departments when they are ready to buy.  For more information, call 602-262-1819​ or email Vendor.Support@Phoenix.gov.​​​

​Management Technical Assistance
A team of specialists with a focus on your micro business​​.

The Management Technical Assistance Program​ offers micro-business owners the opportunity to work with experienced consultants at no cost. This is made possible by a Community Development Block Grant sponsored by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department. There are eligibility requirements for the MTA Program: the business must be located in the city of Phoenix and meet other requirements found in the MTA downloadable brochure. For more information, go to the Management Technical Assistance​ website.

​Equal Opportunity Department
Helping your business become a partner in major city purchases and projects.​​

There are benefits when your business is certified by the City of Phoenix as a Small Business Enterprise or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. For more information on certification eligibility or virtual workshops, visit the Phoenix Equal Opportunity website, call 602-262-6790​ or email Business.Relations.EOD@phoenix.gov​

​Doing Business with Aviation
Phoenix Aviation reaches out to small businesses for its airports and projects.​​​

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department performs high-level community outreach to small and local businesses for contracting opportunities at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in both construction and professional services. Aviation develops, coordinates and facilitates multiple community outreach events throughout the year. The S​mall Business Engagement​ program manages the Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration regarding compliance in department procurements and contracts. The Small Business Engagement Manager serves as the department liaison with the Equal Opportunity Department and participates in the development of equal opportunity requirements in construction and concession contracts. 

Reach TeamPHX at 602-262-5040 

or email TeamPHX@Phoenix.gov​​​​

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