ArtsBuild: Creativity + City Design


An education program in collaboration between the Office of Arts and Culture’s Arts Learning Program and Public Art Program. Through a series of community workshops ArtsBuild engages Phoenix residents of all ages in the creative and collaborative process of designing and building a modern city. 

Interested in an ArtsBuild Workshop? Contact:

Kati Stegall

Public Art Project Manager
Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
Office: 602.495-0191​


 ArtsBuild uses the Phoenix Public Art Program’s award-winning fusion of art and infrastructure to engage people of all ages in the collaborative lessons of designing modern cities. With more than 80 percent of Americans now living in urbanized areas, it is vital to deepen public understanding about how cities and infrastructure are designed and sustained. ArtsBuild leverages the Phoenix process of creating infrastructure-based art projects, showing how teams of artists and other design/construction professionals work to expand the beauty and function of canals, streets, parks and other urban essentials. By immersing participants in hands-on workshops about city building, ArtsBuild increases public awareness about how arts and culture help to define our communities, and cultivate the communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that business and education leaders often cite as keys to developing innovative products and services. By highlighting the abilities needed to compete and succeed in the workplace, the program reveals the STEAM expertise essential to making memorable places.