Become a Grant Review Panelist


​The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture seeks knowledgeable, fair-minded and ​​​​​responsible individuals to serve as grant review panel members.  Panelists are critical to the integrity of the grants process, and include laypersons as well as artists, arts professionals and educators, each representing different points of view and various cultural orientations.  



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​Requirements and Responsibilities

Time: Panelists must be willing to spend the time required to make good decisions about grant applications.

Objectivity: Panelists must be able to put aside personal biases and be fair in their assessment and decisions.

Knowledge: Panelists will bring their understanding of the arts, arts education, non-profit management, and the community to help evaluate each application.

No Conflicts: Panelists may not review applications from organizations with which they are associated.

The primary duties of panelists are:

Preparation: Become familiar with all applications being reviewed by the panel.  Thoroughly read the grant applications before the panel meeting.  This will take several hours.

Ranking: Panel meetings last from one-half day to a full day, depending on the num​​​ber of applications received.  Panelists discuss and rank each application.  All rankings are done silently and remain anonymous.  Panel meetings are open to the public, and applicants are encouraged to attend as observers.

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture maintains a database of individuals interested in serving on grant review panels.  To be considered for inclusion on our panelist database, simply complete and submit a ​Panelist Application Form​.​