​​​​​​​Phoenix Convention Center

A Million Colors​​​​



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ARTIST:   ​Tony Oursler
DATE:   2008
LOCATION:  Phoenix Convention Center West Building
TYPE:   Art Installation​
MATERIALS:   Video Projection 
ZIP CODE:   ​85004


​Tony Oursler's project combines video with the architectural forms and design of the new arcade in the Phoenix Convention Center. There are five locations which incorporate video projections created by the artist specifically for these locations.  The individual videos use iconic human features such as eyes, mouths, and faces and also a variety of landscape, satellite, and symbolic graphics. These heads and mouths often talk to the public as they move through the arcade space. Oursler's own poetic prose is incorporated as part of this video installation. The importance of language is evident in this project and is delivered in many cases by local thespians.

The text and images took over two years to develop and touch upon many themes relevant to Arizona and Phoenix specifically.  The dramatic landscape of Phoenix as well as a number of it's mythic and historical tales was a great source of inspiration to the artist.  The Superstition Mountain, U.F.O. sightings, and Native American creation mythology are some of the topics specifically referenced in this installation. All of these components are combined in a high tech computer editing system in the artists' studio and designed to fit within the architecture of the new arcade.  Video projectors are used to energize the architectural space with colorful and kinetic images which are projected directly onto the surface of the arcade.  The artist has worked closely with local actors from community arts organizations as well as the building's architects and engineers to seamlessly collaborate with the impressive new structure.