​​​​​​​​​​​​​Copper Sun Downtown Employees Childcare Facility

Animal Tree



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ARTIST:    Sue Chenoweth
DATE:   2002
LOCATION:  City of Phoenix Childcare Center, 310 W. Adams
TYPE:   Mural
MATERIALS:   Steel and Ceramic
BUDGET:       $10,000
DISTRICT:       7
ZIP CODE:   ​85003

​The Mosaic Animal Tree enhances the interior entrance of the childcare facility, and it encompasses a low mosaic that picks up the pattern of waves on the building's exterior and leads visitors inside the lobby where the pattern resolves into a large tree filled with playful animals.  The animals, including ducks, turtles and guinea pigs are not traditionally found in trees but in classrooms where young children are likely to be familiar with them. The animals are woven into a colorful mixed media mosaic tree utilizing powder-coated steel geometric shapes and ceramic tiles.  The result is a non-traditional treatment of mosaic that covers a larger portion of the surface than would be financially possible with a solid area of tiles. This dynamic feature will create interest for children and adults alike.​