7th Avenue Streetscape - Series 1

The first collection of works in the 7th Avenue Streetscape Panels opened May 7, 2004 and featured two works from each of these three Arizona Artists:

"I superimpose the ancient over the contemporary in order to express images and metaphors that transcend space and time."

Electric Prayers Talking to the Stars
Electric Prayers, Quetzal Guerrero                     Talking to the Stars, Quetzal Guerrero
acrylic &mixed media on wood, 2004             acrylic &mixed media on wood, 2004
"It is important that we not forget our roots and history in this beautiful valley, as well as the lands and people of the Southwest."

Many parts and pieces of architecture and signs from the Seventh Avenue business area are rearranged here into a new urban design, reflecting the impressions of the people passing through this busy traffic artery every day.
7Th Ave Streetscape - E. Pf Lunch at 11

7th Avenue Streetscape, Elizabeth Pfeiffer        Lunch at Eleven, Elizabeth Pfeiffer
watercolor on paper, 2004                            watercolor on paper, 2004
This work reflects a patio restaurant scene where people have gathered to enjoy each other's company, good food and the wonderful weather in Phoenix, among the hot colors, tile roofs, and plantings typical to the flavor of the city.   

In Greek mythology, Icarus fashioned a pair of wings from feathers and wax in order to escape from captivity.  But in his youthful folly, he flew too close to the sun, which melted the wax, plummeting him to the ground.  This work plays on notions of dreams: those that haunt and delight us while we sleep but melt with the dawn, and those that inspire us with the hope and promise of possibilities to come.
iCARUS,  Erin Sotak                                         Ground,  Erin Sotak
c-print from installation
, 2004                           c-print from installation, 2004
ground 2 - v. p.t. & p.p. of grind 1. to reduce to fine particles, 2. to pulverize
A work table holds thousands of hand-built porcelain teeth, which are fed through a grist mill, then brushed into a drawer, leaving fine particles of dust behind.