7th Avenue Streetscape - Series 2

The second installment of artwork in the 7th Avenue art panels began August 24, 2005 and continued through November 30, 2006.  Artists featured in this series:

"We easily make glib distinctions between cruelties perpetrated by our species and those caused by the rest of ‘nature.’ Our violence is self-consciously different, we argue, better or worse than the sometimes disastrous consequences of gravity, magnetism or weather. I am less and less certain about the distinction. The world seems to be in a continuous, ostensibly directionless, state of disaster: political, physical, economic, and cultural entropy."  

7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Alice Briggs, It was an Accident, series 2-small 7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Alice Briggs, Damaged, series 2-small.jpg

It was a Mistake, A.L. Briggs                    Damaged, A.L. Briggs
scratchboard in India ink over white clay on Masonite, 2005

“It’s apparent that cereal is not just for breakfast anymore; it’s playtime. I construct landscapes that utilize the natural earth tones of certain cereals. Other cereals are calling out to have their portraits taken, to be the center of attention.”

7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Ernie Button, Pink Clouds and Green Clovers, serie
 7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Ernie Button, Shredded Wheat Barrels, series 2-sma
Pink Clouds & Green Clover, E. Button     Shredded Wheat Bales, E. Button
c-print from cereal installation, 2005

“This is the kind drama people might wish for but don’t really want.”
7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Alex Jones, Stormy Ballet, series 2-small
7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Alex Jones, Desert Gallery, series 2-small
Stormy Ballet, A. Jones                        Desert Gallery, A. Jones
acrylic on canvas, 2005

"A gallery without walls out in the middle of the desert that coexists with its surroundings but may be within walking distance of a Starbucks.”

“These are six people that have interacted with the Melrose District in some fashion over the years. These people’s faces become a small part of the character defining this local area.”
7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Ken Richardson, Lets Face It - series 2-small.jpg
 7th Ave. Streetscape\Series 2\Ken Richardson, Proximity - series 2-small.jpg
Let’s Face it, K. Richardson                  Proximity, K. Richardson
oil on aluminum highway sign, 2005

“This is a perspective of living with landmarks and characters of the Melrose District today.”

“I try to construct pieces that connect in some important way to their surroundings. Urban environments are rich and interesting areas to place artwork, because they offer such a robust and rigorous challenge. How can we create artwork that can compete with a river of traffic? With the blaring radio of the commuter car? The flat glare of a marquee? I’m excited to create works that can both fit with the environment in which they are placed, and challenge it as well. I’ve been the commuter who waits at the bus stop, the pedestrian, and the driver who makes his way down the street during rush hour and in the small, blank, beautiful hours of the night.”

Series 2\Mark Rubin-Toles, Night and Day 1 - series 2-small.jpg  Series 2\Mark Rubin-Toles, Night and Day 2 - series 2-small.jpg
Night & Day#1, M. Rubin-Toles              Night & Day #2, M. Rubin-Toles           
composite photograph, 2005

“The gathering of life of all things big and small that surround us; a sweet melody of love, work and play. A harmony of mutual respect and trust that I do so miss when I watch the world.”

Rhonda Shakur Carter, The Gathering, series 2-small.jpg  Rhonda Shakur Carter, The Witness, series 2-small.jpg
The Gathering, R. S. Carter                          The Witness, R. S. Carter           
acrylic on wood construction, 2005

“The elderly woman watches life’s gathering with love and fear. Love of youth and reminiscence of her own; fear for our youth’s future and the winds of her own changes.”

The TRA25 Capsule is a Phoenix based art duo of Mark Freedman and Oliver Hibert. “Inspired by daytime in the desert. Bursts of light and color, the heart of the sun. The poster of the galaxy set upon the swirl emphasizes the oneness that we all share as residents of a city and as humans.”

Tre25 Capsule, Roundy Swirl, series 2-small.jpg
 Tre25 Capsule, Streetscapes, series 2-small.jpg
Roundy Swirl, TRA25 Capsule                 Streetscapes, TRA25 Capsule              
digital & mixed media

Inspired by nighttime in the desert. There is a surreal quality that at once offers feelings of dreams, spookiness and sweetness.”