7th Avenue Streetscape - Series 3

The third installment of artwork in the 7th Avenue art panels began December 1, 2006 and lasted into 2008. Artwork rotated between specific panels periodically during the year.  Artists featured in this series:  

“My work focuses on the metamorphosis of individualistic young adults into stereotypical media images and shows us the disparity between our own reality and the land of make believe."

Allison Bebout
Identity Theft
– composite photograph, 2006

“I deliberately design my pieces to be seen from both near and far. I envisioned a landscape that would focus on the beauty of our neighborhood: a city scape. Every single time I walk the canal between 7th Ave. and Central, I eye that gorgeous view of Brophy’s cross peeping over palm trees against the blue, blue sky, and I think, Hmmm.” 

Hillary Gamerow
- paper collage, 2006

"People will have a quiet yearning of a time past or a person they loved or miss. There are still older homes in the area that have retained their vintage quality. I find special areas of interest people will become highly involved and attached to.”

Shirley Kleppe
Chester’s Garage
- watercolor on paper, 2006

I am interested in the ways that the process of expansion, migration and redevelopment in our suburban environment are made visible. For the 7th Avenue Streetscape Art Panels I [used a] combination of the specific and singular perspective of traditional photography with the dynamically created photomosaic, to show a layered and complex portrait of the neighborhood.”

Shirley Kleppe
Seventh Avenue Photomosaic
- digital photomosaic from original and satellite imagery

I’ve always had a strong interest in depicting my Native American culture. The majority of my work incorporates human figures which I love to draw and paint. I enjoy rendering hands and making them the main focus of my compositions. The hands in my work are large, powerful, and depict massive jewelry to pay homage to the popular Native American art form using turquoise and silver. My work also incorporates influences from pop culture, specifically comic books and Japanese animation. In this work, the tribal figures represented are arranged according to their location in Arizona. Clockwise from the upper right corner, they are: Hopi, Apache, Yaqui, Tohono O'odham, Chemehuevi, and Navajo."

Shirley Kleppe

Arizona Tribal Motherboard - digitally colored produced from painting, 2006

“My work is about diversions found in and around the water. For this project, I decided do an underwater scene with children. The blue/green swimming pool water is both refreshing and eye-catching and the overall image, like many of my swimmer prints, makes people smile." 

Wendy Willis

Aquanauts - linoleum reduction relief print on paper, 2006