7th Avenue Streetscape Series 9

For the 7th Avenue Series 9 (2013-14), four poets were commissioned  to write poetry on the subject of reuse and recycle.  The poetry from three of the poets, Rebecca Seiferle, David Chorlton, and Allyson Boggess, was paired with artwork from Chris Colville and Paho Mann on the panels at 7th Avenue on the Melrose curve.  The poem from the fourth poet, Joshua Rathkamp, will be displayed on a bill board on Grand Avenue between Roosevelt and the I-10 in the coming months.

Chris Colville
Ocotillo Snag - Chris Colville
Ocotillo Snag

Landscape with Bag

Paho Mann

Recycle Cycle

Paho Mann
Metal by Color - Paho Mann
Metal by Color

To Save What Can be Saved