107th Ave. Streetscape​​​



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​ARTIST:  Haddad | Drugan, LLC
DATE:  2020
LOCATION:  107th Ave, Camelback to Indian School Roads
TYPE:  Streetscape
MATERIALS:  Steel, polycarbonate, lighting, boulders
ZIP CODE:  85037

Inspired by the area’s soaring birds, history of jet pilot training, dust devils, and dramatic forms and colors of desert plants, this grove of seven tall, colorful, and kinetic tree-like sculptures mark the 107th Avenue streetscape gateway to West Phoenix.  Large scaled, these 20’ high curving and torqueing sculptures are experienced by vehicles, but also provide an immersive art oasis. The curved pipes hold hundreds of pivoting multi-colored polycarbonate disks that colorfully glow in the sunlight and kinetically shift in the changing winds.  Topping the luminous canopies are reflective mirrored jets and birds in flight.  Large colorful seat boulders provide a shady respite from the mid day sun as well as an immersive art experience of changing light and color.

This public art project demonstrates how art and landscape are combined to enhance an important connection through a neighborhood. The mile long corridor along the east side of 107th Avenue has been enhanced with of over 200 low water use trees, several hundred shrubs, ADA concrete path, and a large 40 wide decomposed path for SRP and RID to use for maintaining the underground water.