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Litter + DebrisLitter + DebristrashdropService Requests: Submit & Trackhttps://phxatyourservice.dynamics365portals.us/landing/?sr=litter Litter/Debris/Trash​ ​ 5.00000000000000Neighborhood ServicesPAYS
Graffiti RemovalGraffiti RemovalspraypaintService Requests: Submit & Trackhttps://phxatyourservice.dynamics365portals.us/landing/?sr=graffiti Request Graffiti Removal​ 6.00000000000000Neighborhood ServicesPAYS
Weeds or Dead PlantsWeeds or Dead PlantsplantService Requests: Submit & Trackhttps://phxatyourservice.dynamics365portals.us/landing/?sr=weedsordeadplants Grass/weeds/dry vegetation 12.0000000000000Neighborhood ServicesPAYS
Shopping CartsShopping CartsshoppingService Requests: Submit & Trackhttps://phxatyourservice.dynamics365portals.us/landing/?sr=shoppingcart Abandoned/unattended​14.0000000000000Neighborhood ServicesPAYS
Property ViolationsProperty ViolationshouseService Requests: Submit & Trackhttps://phxatyourservice.dynamics365portals.us/landing/?sr=other Inoperable Vehicles, Outside Storage ​ 16.0000000000000Neighborhood ServicesPAYS