Annual Budget

Budget Books

Summary Budget Book

The Summary Budget contains a description of Phoenix programs and services planned for the upcoming fiscal year.

Detail Budget Book

The Detail Budget provides extensive statistical data for each city department and fund.

Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program contains our planned construction program.

Inventory of Programs

The Zero-Based Inventory of Programs Budget document outlines costs, revenue, staffing levels, funding source, and other detail for more than 400 programs Citywide. The Inventory of Programs presents the City's budget by program, the key component of a Zero-Based Budget approach. The document is one element of a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the budget.

Current Year Budget Documents

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S-44749 Operating Budget (PDF) Operating Budget (PDF)
S-44782 Capital Budget (PDF) Capital Budget (PDF)
S-44750 Reappropriation Budget (PDF) Reappropriation Budget (PDF)
Summary Budget Book FY2018-19 (PDF) Budget Book FY2018-19 (PDF)

​Budget Archives



S-43653 Operating Budget Ordinance (PDF) Operating Budget.pdfS-43653 Operating Budget Ordinance (PDF)
S-43667 Captial Budget Ordinance (PDF) Capital Budget.pdfS-43667 Captial Budget Ordinance (PDF)
S-43654 Reappropriation Budget Ordinance (PDF) Reappropriation Budget.pdfS-43654 Reappropriation Budget Ordinance (PDF)
Summary Budget 2017-18 (PDF) Budget 2017-18 (PDF)
Detail Budget 2017-18 (PDF) Budget 2017-18 (PDF)
Capital Improvement Program 2017-22 (PDF) Improvement Program 2017-22 (PDF)
1st Qtr 2017-18 Economic Indicators (PDF) Qtr 2017-18 Economic Indicators (PDF)
2nd Qtr 2017-18 Economic Indicators (PDF) Qtr 2017-18 Economic Indicators (PDF)
3rd Qtr 2017-18 Economic Indicators (PDF) Qtr 2017-18 Economic Indicators (PDF)