Phoenix Economic Indicators

​​The Phoenix Economic Indicators Report is a quarterly report that provides measurements for evaluating the health of Phoenix's economy, the latest business cycles, and how consumers are spending and generally faring.  Included in the report are aviation, utility, new development, state and local sales tax, vehicle sales, property values, and employment statistics.  Each statistic is shown through a graph presenting current year-to-date data (for measures using fiscal year, July 1 through the month prior to publishing), prior year-to-date, prior three year average of year-to-date data, and peak year data (if current year is not the peak year) over a sliding three month period.  Each indicator has its own peak year where performance was at its highest since 2000.  Each graph is accompanied by a description of the significance of the measure as an economic indicator, and a statement about the current year data in relation to prior years.  Many of the statistics are updated monthly, but a few are only available quarterly or annually.

 The following documents require Adobe Reader.   Reports are quarterly beginning in FY 16-17 and were monthly prior to July 2016.  For questions on these reports, please contact the Budget & Research Department.

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​1st Quarter FY 16-17
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