August 2018 Special Election

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On Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018, registered voters residing in the City of Phoenix will vote on six ballot measures referred by the City Council. These six ballot measures are scheduled to appear on the ballot for the Aug. 28, 2018 Primary Election being conducted by Maricopa County.

  1. The first measure is a proposed Charter Amendment that would change regular City of Phoenix candidate elections from the fall of odd-numbered years to November of even-numbered years, with Runoff elections in the following March.
  2. The second measure is a proposed Charter Amendment that would permit the City Council to remove elective office holders for violating the City of Phoenix Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.
  3. A third measure is a proposed Southwest Gas Corporation franchise agreement.
  4. The fourth measure is a proposed Charter Amendment that would eliminate the Charter requirement to have the full text of propositions printed on the ballot without unanimous approval by the City Council.
  5. A fifth ballot measure is a proposed Charter Amendment that would change the terms of the Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected City Officials to align with Mayoral elections in even numbered years, and require the Commission to meet every four years rather than every two years.
  6. The sixth ballot measure is a proposed Charter Amendment that would allow the City Clerk to verify a 20% random sample of initiative and referendum petition signatures.

Polling Places

Because Maricopa County will be conducting the election, polling places will be designated by the County. Polling places will be open on Election Day (Tuesday, Aug. 28) from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Voters will be able to obtain information about polling places in several ways. The name and address of the polling place for each voter's household will be identified on the Sample Ballot provided by Maricopa County that will be mailed to each voter's household prior to the election. Voters also will be able to search for their polling place location on the Maricopa County Elections webpage.

Early Voting

City voters on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) will automatically receive an early ballot by mail unless they are registered as "independent" or "no party preference", or submitted a request to not receive a ballot by mail. Because the August election is also the partisan, open State Primary Election, voters who are registered as "independent" or "no party preference" must request which ballot type they want, even if they are on the PEVL, to receive an early ballot by mail. "Independent" or "no party preference" voters may request either a specific party ballot or the non-partisan/city-only ballot by returning a notification card that will be mailed by Maricopa County 90 days before the election and indicating which ballot type the voter wishes to request, by contacting Maricopa County at 602-506-1511 or on the Maricopa County Recorder's website. "Independent" and "no party preference" voters will not receive an early ballot by mail for the August 2018 election without requesting a specific ballot type.

Voters who are not on the PEVL can request an early ballot from Maricopa County no later than Friday, Aug. 17 by calling 602-506-1511 or on the Maricopa County Recorder's website. Early ballots will be mailed beginning Wednesday, Aug. 1. Voted early ballots may be returned by mail or may be delivered to any of the Maricopa County Elections offices, the Phoenix City Clerk Department, to any early voting site, or to any polling place on Election Day. To be counted, voted early ballots must be received by an election official no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day.

In-person early voting also will be available weekdays from Wednesday, Aug. 1 through Friday Aug. 24, during normal business hours at Maricopa County Elections offices and on the 15th Floor of Phoenix City Hall.

Publicity Pamphlet

The City will prepare and distribute a Publicity Pamphlet. Voters who requested to obtain the publicity pamphlet electronically, which reduces printing and mailing costs, will receive an e-mail notice when the pamphlet is available online at Voters can add their names to the list or update their email address by visiting the City's election webpage or by calling the City Clerk Department at 602-261-8683. A pamphlet will be mailed to each residence in the City that has a registered voter who is not receiving the pamphlet electronically. The publicity pamphlet will be distributed the week of July 23, before early ballots are mailed by Maricopa County.