Volunteer Opportunity - Phoenix Cool Roofs


Cool Roofs - Volunteer painting
Volunteer paints the roof of the Adam Diaz Senior Center.

The City of Phoenix, in partnership with HandsOn Greater Phoenix and Keep Phoenix Beautiful, is recruiting volunteers to help coat 70,000 square feet of city roof tops with a reflective surface to help mitigate rising temperatures and air pollution.

Currently, volunteers have already coated approximately 52,000 square feet of roof tops at the Adam Diaz and Shadow Mountain senior centers, the Neighborhood Services Resource Center and the gymnasium and recreation centers at the South Mountain Community Center.

About Cool Roofs

In Phoenix, the temperature reaches or exceeds 100 degrees on average of 110 days per year, more than any other U.S. city. For seven consecutive months the average high temperature is above 80 degrees and predications show that it will only get hotter, leading to increased energy use.

Additionally, the most recent figures show that the city’s approximately 1,500 buildings and 600 recreational facilities alone used 307,081,796 kilowatts of energy and expelled 176,426 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the surrounding environment. These figures accounted for 46 percent of the city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. 

In October 2012, the City of Phoenix accepted a $100,000 grant from Cities of Service to implement Phoenix Cool Roofs as part of Mayor Stanton’s commitment to sustainability by addressing high energy usage in city buildings. Combining this commitment with the city's passion for volunteerism and civic engagement, the city of Phoenix strives to create a more vibrant community for all.

Sign-up Information

The city of Phoenix and HandsOn Greater Phoenix are currently recruiting volunteers to coat the final Cool Roofs site, which will be a 20,000 square foot Graffiti Busters facility managed by the Neighborhood Services Department. This is an ideal project for school, businesses, faith-based and other groups as 50 volunteers will be needed on two separate days in March to complete the project. 

Volunteer registration is managed by our lead partner, HandsOn Greater Phoenix. For information on this and additional volunteer opportunities with HandsOn Greater Phoenix, please visit their website.