District 1 Community Information

Questions about the District

Where is District 1?

District 1 is located in northwest Phoenix. The southern boundary is Northern Avenue and the northern boundary is just north of New River Road. The district shares the boundary to the west with the cities of Glendale and Peoria and the eastern boundary aligns with the I-17 Freeway. At Bell Road the district extends east to 19th Avenue and incorporates the Deer Valley Airport north of the Loop 101 Freeway.
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Who is the District 1 Councilmember?

Thelda Williams was reelected in 2011 for a second four-year term as District 1 Councilwoman. She has served on the Phoenix City Council since 2008. Previously, she served on the council from 1989 to 1996 and as interim mayor in 1994.

Before joining the council, she served on the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Agency, the Governor's Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women and the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Master Plan Committee.
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Who do I call if I have a problem in my neighborhood?

When a problem occurs in your neighborhood such as graffiti, illegal dumping, illegal signs, debris, overgrown vegetation or general community concerns, you can contact our office at 602-262-7444 for assistance. Our staff will assist you with your concern or, if you prefer, guide you to the appropriate department to help resolve your question and/or issue.
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Who do I contact for issues related to the police enforcement?

If you need to report an emergency or a crime in progress to the Phoenix Police Department, call 911 immediately.

If you need to report a non-emergency crime to the Phoenix Police Department, call Crime Stop at 602-262-6151.

District 1 shares roughly the same boundaries as the Cactus Park Police Precinct and works closely with the precinct to assist our communities. Community action officers are assigned to work with residents on specific issues in communities. These officers are available to assist our residents with a diverse variety of issues, from understanding how the police department investigates suspicious activities to assisting residents with community programs.

How do I report blight issues or a business operating out of a residential property?

The Neighborhood Preservation Division resolves property maintenance and zoning problems through a combination of education and enforcement of the neighborhood preservation and zoning ordinances. Staff members also partner with residents in targeted areas to implement neighborhood-based code enforcement strategies tailored to the overall revitalization of the area. Financial and other resources may be available for property owners who cannot afford to correct violations. Property maintenance or zoning ordinance violations are inspected and enforced on a complaint basis. Code enforcement questions, blighted properties and status of a case can be obtained onli​ne or by contacting 602-262-7844. If you are in need of additional assistance, please contact our staff at 602-262-7444.
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How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

In the event that you need assistance determining whether or not a vehicle is abandoned, please feel free to contact our office at 602-262-7444 for assistance or call your assigned community action officer.

If the vehicle that you have concerns about is located on a public street, please contact the police department Crime Stop at 602-262-6151.

If the vehicle that you have concerns about is located on private property, please contact the Neighborhood Preservation Office at 602-262-7844.

If there is a zoning hearing in my neighborhood, how do I find out when the public hearing will be held?

The following information can be used as a guide to follow a zoning case through the planning process.

First, contact the District 1 office at 602-262-7444 to find out what village planning area the case is in. You can also find out when the case is scheduled to be heard through a series of public hearings by clicking on the listed on the links below. This would include hearings through the following committees:

If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact our office at 602-262-7444 and allow our staff the opportunity to assist you with your concern.