​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Lucky 7 pic Description:

Each month, District 7 will announce businesses, locations and activities within District 7 that are the "Lucky 7" in one of the Lucky 7 categories. These businesses, locations and activities will be promoted through the District 7 office for the entire month. The goal is to encourage residents to enjoy ​​​​​​these businesses or events that occur in District 7.

Category Winners:

1. Best Activity for the Family

2. Best Food and Drink​

3. Best Downtown Activity

4. Best Art & Cultural Event

5. Best Place for a First Date

6. Best kept Secret

7. Best Neighborhood Spot​

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 May Lu​ck​y 7​​​​​

Benefits of being a Lucky 7

  • Announcement Featured In Social Media   

  • Featured in the District 7 Newsletter    

  • Announcement at Policy Meeting by Councilman Nowakowski   

  • Presentation of Award   

  • E Blast to District 7 recipients    

  • Press Release to local media    

  • Possible segment feature on D7 CH. 11 Show – 20/20   

  • Announced on D7 20/20 show (TEXT SCREEN SHOT)

Category Descriptions:

1. Best Activity for the Family

Activity, location, event, function or similar that presents a family friendly experience for all ages

2. Best Food & Drink

A restaurant, food truck, or similar that has great food and beverages

3. Best Downtown Activity

Activity, location, event, function or similar that is located in the Downtown Phoenix area of District 7. General border includes: McDowell to Harrison and 3rd St. to 7th Ave.

4. Best Arts & Culture Event

An activity, location, function or similar that presents an opportunity to enjoy the arts or a cultural experience

5. Best Place for a First Date

An activity, location, function, restaurant, event or similar that would be perfect to take someone for a first date

6. Best Kept Secret

An activity, location, restaurant or similar that is unknown by most people, but should be known for its’ great food, activity, atmosphere or similar

7. Best Neighborhood Spot

A location or similar that is the best place to go in the neighborhood for any reason such as great food, unique atmosphere, friendly owners, great prices, etc.


Online F​o​rm​ ​​​​


*All nominations are due on the 25th of every month, all nominations sent after the due date will be considered for the following month.