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Jerome E. Miller Leadership Academy Application 2020

Jerome E. Miller was a dedicated public servant. He committed 34 years of his life to bettering his community and the City at large. He did this through his employment with the City of Phoenix, State of Arizona, and other government agencies.

The Jerome E. Miller Summer Leadership Academy seeks to fuel and diversify the pipeline to public service. It seeks to prepare participants for college, career and life success. The program engages high school Juniors and Seniors who are dedicated to bringing about positive change in their community.

Applicants must meet all requirements to participate in the program.

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In an attached document, write a short essay describing one of the following, using a maximum of 200 words:

  1. Your dream career as it relates to government or public service
  2. The importance of mentorship and what it means to be a mentor
  3. Your goals of being an impactful leader in your community
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