Del Rio Redevelopment – Arizona Fresh: Agri-food Innovation Center


​​​​​After a public offering process, the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department is recommending Arizona Fresh Holdings LLC for the redevelopment of the Del Rio former landfill site.

Arizona Fresh Holdings LLC offer is to develop “Arizona Fresh: Agri-Food Innovation Center". A multi-phase project to ultimately create the nation's leading source of innovation and education in the production and distribution of food.

The main elements of the project are a wholesale produce distribution center, a retail food market, a community park, education, and research facilities related to food and agriculture.​​

The Arizona Fresh: Agri-Food Innovation Center is expected to create more than 1,400 direct and indirect construction jobs, 1,500 jobs once in full operation, a capital investment of $200 million, and $848 million annual economic output related to project operations, based on the current plans for four phases of development of the project.​


AZ Fresh Rendering​Caption:  AZ Fresh Rendering​​

Caption:  Site Plan​Caption:  Site Plan

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Will any recreational components/park be included?  What type of amenities?

The plan for Phase I of the project calls for the development of approximately 20 acres of recreational amenities that will include public space for exercise and wellness activities, open space dedicated to community gatherings and events, as well as surrounding retail activity.

Q. If approved, when will construction start and when will it be operational?

If approved by City Council, the estimated date to start construction will happen in the fourth quarter of 2022. Estimated to be operational within 42 months from the construction start date.

Q. Are there any environmental risks associated with the current conditions of the site, considering that this is a former landfill?

Environmental studies (Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, Vapor Modeling) have been completed at the site and it has been determined that no environmental risk is associated to the proposed uses at the site. However, risks of development of the former landfill site will be minimized and controlled during construction. Prior and during construction, the developer will work with all required agencies including the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. The City will continue to be responsible for operating, monitoring, and maintaining the Landfill's existing methane gas systems and groundwater wells and shall continue to be responsible for all liabilities relating to the City's operation and closure on the Landfill.

Q. Will the City spend any money on this project?

Developer (offeror) is responsible for all cost(s) associated to determine site feasibility and construction. City Council may consider possible participation through public infrastructure (water, sewer and street improvements) to support the project.

Q. What are the project direct benefits to the community?

Jobs: An Elliott D. Pollack & Company study estimates that over 1,500 jobs will be created by the proposed development.

Access to fresh produce: The Wholesale Market and related retail outlets will directly provide local access to fresh produce on a daily basis.

Education resources: Facilities dedicated to the delivery of educational programs, collaboration with academic partners, and innovative activities of the food distribution system on-site will provide special education options for engagement with the community that will feature sustainability, data analytics, nutrition and food safety among other technology-driven topics.

Entertainment: Resources are planned for the site that will be available for hosting a variety of community inspired events with support from the City.

Recreation amenities: Over 20 acres of connected open space (the park) with pedestrian-friendly exposure to the entire site.

Q. When was this lease and redevelopment opportunity issued?

The Del Rio Lease/Redevelopment Opportunity was issued on January 13, 2020.​​

​​​For more information, please contact:


Juan Batres, Program Manager​

Project Timeline, Chronological Events, and Updates


  • January - City of Phoenix issues public redevelopment and lease opportunity for redevelopment of Del Rio site. 
  • March - Arizona Fresh Holdings LLC was selected to develop a mixed-use project called Arizona Fresh: Agri-Food Innovation Center to include a 20-acre community park.
  • August - A total of 8 community meetings were held to introduce the project.
  • September - Presentation to Phoenix City Council Land Use and Livability Subcommittee.
  • September - Presentation to Phoenix City Council Workforce and Economic Development Subcommittee. 
  • OctoberCity of Phoenix Council authorizes the Community and Economic Development to proceed with negotiations with proposed developer.


  • City of Phoenix and developer continue to negotiate development and lease deal terms.
  • August - Parks and Recreation Department Steering Committee was formed to provide input on the community park design and holds first meeting. 
  • September - ​Environmental studies of the site initiate. 


  • City of Phoenix and developer continue to negotiate development and lease deal terms.
  • March - Parks and Recreation Department Steering Committee provides input on the community park design and proposes elements holding a second meeting.
  • April - Environmental studies completed.
  • April - Parks and Recreation Department Steering Committee provides input on proposed community park master plan and holds third meeting prior to Parks and Recreation Board meeting.
  • May - ​Parks and Recreation Department presents park master plan to community.
  • May - Parks and Recreation Board meeting reviews and approves proposed community park master plan.
  • Arizona Fresh: Agri-Food Innovation Campus project update, community meetings scheduled:
      • June 7th
      • June 8th (Spanish)​
  • June​ - Mayor and City Council to formalize negotiations during City Council formal meeting.​
  • June - ​​​​Execution of Ground Lease and Disposition and Redevelopment Agreement.
  • June to November - Design and development process.
  • November to December - Groundbreaking/Construction starts.