​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Motion Picture Film History list is compiled from productions that filmed wholly or partially in Phoenix and obtained a Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit.

Productions listed as (in production) are those productions with whom the Phoenix Film Office is working with directly at this time.

The Motion Picture Film History page was last updated January 30, 2023.

A Most Passionate Death - Nuvine Visuals 

72 Documentary - Hock Films ​
Americans with No Address - The Making of No Address, LLC
Blue Zone Documentary - BZ LLC
Condition of Return - Pasidg Productions, Inc. ​
Identity Crisis - Identity Crisis Film Co. LLC
Ink Inside - Blackfield Entertainment LLC​
Last Movie Ever Made, The - Squishy Studios​
Real Wild West - Roller Coaster Road Productions ​
​Religion of Sports: Running While Black - Religion of Sports Media, Inc.
Untitled: Road Trip Film - Revelator Productions LLC

Daddy Daughter Roadtrip - Pinch & Twist LLC ​
Helen - Religion of Sports ​
Liberty Wildlife - Quantum Leap Productions ​
Maricopa Pottery Story - Archaeology Southwest  
Only for Today - Unofficial Selection ​
Touch the Water - Holt Hamilton Films ​

A C V - Applied Arts Productions
Cyberkill - Pressure Entertainment Films
Instant Karma - Applied Arts Productions
New World Order - Epic Royal Entertainment
Urgent RN - SunBank Development

Babies - Nutopia Ltd
Connecting the Dots - Filmblanc Inc.
Deadly Women - Beyond Productions
Desert Roots - Black River Life
Evil Good, The - Hillsong Channel LLC
Familiar Face - Anchored Productions
Force - Thousand & 1 Creative
Ghost Warrior - Jonre Films, LLC
Lanni Marchant Documentary - Array of Stars
Monty Don's American Gardens - Alexandra Henderson Associates
Nat Geo / Prada / Sustainability Documentary - Ambient Skies
Nike "Goals - Ayesha McGowan" - Sakai & Associates, Inc. DBA Contagious LA
Noelle - Elf City Productions, Inc.
Non-Resident Indian - Applied Art Productions, LLC
Race for the White House 2 - Raw TV
Seeker, The - Asylum Entertainment
Sneakers - Maggie Vision Productions, Inc.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Project - Sakai & Associates BDA: Contagious LA
Super Star Comic Book Creator - David Oster
Teenage Badass - Teenage Badass LLC


#MomVision - Ambient Skies Productions
Come Die with Me - Chris Lamont Productions, Inc.
Comin' Up Short - Queen Muhammad Ali (Ambient Skies)
El Coyote - Best Image Entertainment
In Pursuit - Zero Point Zero Productions, Inc.
Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes - Randy Murray Productions
QB1: Beyond the Lights - Downrange Production, Inc.
Religion of Sports - Dirty Robber Productions
Revolutions - Bigger Bang Communications Ltd
The Long Goodbye - Visual Medium
The Sixty Project - Live Wire Productions LLC


A Life Connected - Bearfruit Films
Altar Valley - Parco Richardson
Finding Buchanan - PBATHW, LLC
Just Getting By - CUBE TV Studios
Raising Buchanan - PGATHW, L.L.C.


Bad Santa 2 - Miramax
Chien-Ming Wang Documentary - WYC Motions
Dream Big: Engineering Wonders of the World - MacGillvray Freeman Films
Mitch Rapp:  Off Book - University of Advancing Technology
Point of No Return - Far West Film Co. Inc.
Sad Clown - About 27 Tigers Media, LLC
Stasis - Dragonfly Picture Studios, LLC
Strange Places - Phoenix Rising Motion Picture Production
The Last Responders - True Libra Films
The Last Responders: Life After Death - Ture Libra Films LLC
The Man from Another Dimension - The Man from Another Dimension LLC
Transformers V - Viacom, Inc./Paramount Pictures Corporation
Untitled Arizona Documentary Project - Phoenix Lights PS, LLC
Untitled: China Full Feature Trailer - Cloud 9 Productions
Zero Hour - G Productions, LLC


Alzheimer's - Holt Productions
Fall of the Crime Empire - Occulus Films
Runners - Second Chance Productions
Tail - Highway 41 Films LLC
Take a Stand - Dixiletta Moving Pictures


Boston Marathon Bombing - Randy Murray Productions
INVERT: Origin of the Telepathic Hero - Triple G Production
Justice Served - Three Day Weekend, LLC
Legend of a Hitman - Hitman Entertainment Studios
LNS - Rimrock Pictures
On the Case with Paula Zahn - On the Case TV
There and Back - De Leon Moving Pictures


Be With Me - Off Melrose
Car Dogs - Car Dogs, LLC
Cloud Lab - BBC
Hidden in America - Beyond Productions
National Geographic - GRB TV
The Matchstick House - Life & Death Productions, LLC
The Phoenix Incident -PCB Productions
Trevor Brown/MIT - 50 Eggs


Celestial Hunt - New Eden Productions
Conscious Capitalism - Black Box Management
Crimes of Hate - Pacha Films S.A.C.
Dead in 5 Heartbeats - Sharpfinger Films, LLC
Dream Chasers - Faber Entertainment LLC
Hughes - CineCera Films LLC
I Hope You Can Dance - Crew Neck Productions
Monitor Grey - Ballboy Productons
November Renaissance - Michael Gee
PC Bang: Rise of the E-Sport Hero - E-Sport Hero Productions
The Gospel According to Bart - Deep Wells Productions LLC


A Stray Person (Indie) - Synthetic Human Pictures
Breakthrough (Indie) - Dixeletta Moving Pictures
Coyote Requiem (Indie) - Coyote Requiem
Dark All Around (Indie) - Right Eye Productions, LLC
Intersect (Indie) - Shirley Films
Saving Santa (Indie) - Saving Santa LLC
Soldier Girl (Indie) - Young Jeremy Pictures


Armor of God (Indie) - Life Studios
Blocked (Indie) - Blocked Productions
Everything Must Go - IM Global, Temple Hill Entertainment
Fencestitute, The (Indie) - Archer Productions
I Like Obituaries - One Spirit Films
Love a la Carte - Love a la Carte, LLC
Norma (Indie trailer) - Veritas Pictures
On the Road - Spad Films
Queens of Country - SemiRebellious Films
Suspicion (Indie) - Suspicion
Thriftstore Cowboy - Freewill Films
Who is Dayani Cristal? - Pulse Films


Deadly Women - Beyond Productions
Everything's Eventual - Sun Devil Productions, LLC
Fable, The - The Fable, LLC
Felon - Scottsdale Community College
Green Guys - Sunside Films, LLC
Hitchhiker - University of Advancing Technology
Homeless - Life Teen, Inc.
Killer by Nature - Day Dreaming Pictures
Out of Focus - Three Horizons Productions
Out There - Sun Devil Productions, LLC
Shin Oga - Phoenix Mercury - NHK
"Untitled" UCLA Project - Ominous Productions
Valley of the Sun - Ranch House Pictures
Vengeance of a Soul - Scottsdale Community College
When the Dogs Cried Out - Uncorked Productions


Middle Men - Middle Pictures
This Must Be The Place - Focus Films NBC Universal
Twilight - Summit Entertainment
1% - Known Associates


Sugar - Single A Films
Young Americans - NBC Universal
Periphery - Periphery Partners
Jake's Corner - Jake's Corner LLC
Running On Empty - Running On Empty Productions


The Last Blast - Affyirhedi Productions, Switzerland
The Kingdom - Universal Pictures
The Savages- FOX Searchlight
Jolene - Next Turn Productions


Transamerica - Transparent Films
Forget About It - Beverly Hills Film Studio
4/20 - Suzanne Johnson


A Home at the end of the World - Leaving Cleveland


Lights over Phoenix - Xauara Films
Bad Santa - Columbia Pictures
Destiny - Vista Films


Banger Sisters - Fox Searchlight
The Sum of One - B.A.D. Productions
Hyde Park - Montage Productions
Leather and Iron - J. Archer Productions


Ryan's Babe - JR Productions
Greasewood Flats - J. Archer Productions
Imposter - Miramax


What Planet are you from - Columbia Pictures
Play it to the Bone - Play it, Inc.


Anastasia - Fox Family Films
Psycho (Remake) - Universal
Things Terrestrial - Double T. Films
No Code of Conduct - Toddler Productions


The Ride - Worldwide Pictures
Family Plan - Viacom


Jerry Maguire - Tri-Star
Midnight Mambo - Cross Country Productions
Jerome - JET Film Co.
Beyond Vengeance - Century Film Partners


Deadman - 12 Gauge Productions
Tank Girl - United Artists
Flirting with Disaster - Miramax
Waiting to Exhale - 20th Century Fox


Prophecy - Serafilm
Low Down dirty Shame - Low Down Productions
Terminal Velocity - Intersope Communications


The Getaway - Largo Entertainment


Full Contact - ilford Productions
Suture - Kino Korsikoff
Fixing the Shadow - South Pole Productions
The Sound of Silence - Sunset Films


Mikey - Tapestry Films
Hard Hunted - November Downs Films
The Vagrant - Brooks Film
Tortilla Road - Trinidad Pictures (Italy)
Nukem High III - Pink Flower Productions
Neveous Ticks - Grand Avenue Pictures


Days of Thunder - Paramount


Highway to Hell - Hemdale Productions
The Grifters - Cineplex Odium
Bad Jim - Wouk/Ware


Renegade - Paloma Films
Ninja Warrior - International Martial Arts Films
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Soisson Murphy DEG


Raising Arizona - 20th Century Fox
Source of Power - Vortex Co. (France)
Campus Man - RKO Pictures
Arizona Heat - AZ Heat Productions


Fists of Steel - Intl. Cinemagraphica
American Anthem - Lorimar Pictures
Rainbows Four - European Intl. Films
Rage of Honor - American Dist. Group


Just one of the Guys - Columbia Pictures


Ninja 3-The Domination - Cannon Films
O.C. and Stiggs - MGM
Deadly Impact - European Intl. Films


Cross Country - United Artists


Death Valley - Producer Directors Co.
Nightkill - Avco Embassy
Private Lessons - Barry Enright


The Last Chase - Argosy
Used Cars - Columbia


Cloud Dancer - Melvin Simons Productions
Speed Trap - First Artist


The Gauntlet - Warner Bros.


Assault of Paradise/Ransom - Sunset Productions
A Star is Born - Warner Bros.


The Other side of the Wind - O.Wells Producer/Director


Rafferty & Gold Dust Twins - Warner Bros.
Black Karate - L. Davies Producer/Director
Mixed Company - United Artists
The Trial of Billy Jack - Taylor-Laughlin


Electra glide in Blue - United Artists


Cancel My Reservation - Warner Bros.
Pocket Money - National General


Elvis on Tour - MGM
Little Fauss and Big Halsey - Paramount


Zabriskie Point - MGM
Chastity - American Intl. Pics


The Nutty Professor - Paramount


Rider on a Dead Horse - Allied Artists


Psycho - Paramount


The Mountain Road - Columbia


Bernadine - 20th Century Fox


Bus Stop - 20th Century Fox


Three Ring Circus - Paramount


Ring of Fear - Warner Bros.


Sound of Fury - Robert Stillman Productions


Try and Get Me - United Artist