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Firehouse FastPITCH

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 Phoenix is revitalizing Hance Park and putting the only restaurant site with direct access to the park on the market for lease, redevelopment and operation as a full-service restaurant and downtown’s newest culinary destination.  Late 2021, Phoenix will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) that will require small business outreach. ​Firehouse FastPITCH was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow your business as the former Hance Park Firehouse is transformed into one of downtown’s hottest new restaurants.

 Firehouse FastPITCH Presentations 09/14/21


1. Do I have to participate in FastPITCH to be eligible to be part of a proposing team?
No, you do not have to participate in FastPITCH to propose or be a part of a proposing team.

2. What are the requirements to be considered a "small business"?
FastPITCH is for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees

3. Does my business have to be certified by the City as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE)?
No, your business does not have to be a certified SBE to participate. 

4. What types of businesses are invited to participate?
Small business owners that provide goods or services to support restaurant operations (produce peddlers, specialty food vendors, window washers, cleaning services, restaurant operators, and more) as well as small businesses offering goods or services to be used in the rehabilitation of the building (architects, designers, contractors, etc.).

5. What if I am a restaurant owner? Can I pitch my existing restaurant for an additional location or a new restaurant concept that I have?
A restaurant owner with fewer than 100 employees can pitch an additional location or new concept. A restaurant owner with more than 100 employees can connect with other potential proposers to explore partnership opportunities and listen to small business pitches.

6. How much time will I have for my pitch?
Each pitcher will have three minutes for her or his pitch, and two minutes will be allowed for follow-up questions from the audience.

7. Will I be "making a deal" or signing any agreement(s) on the day of the FastPITCH?
No, deals will not be made at FastPITCH. FastPITCH is about exposure and introductions for future conversations between interested parties/proposing teams.

8. Can I negotiate with more than one potential proposer? 
Yes, there is no restriction on how many potential proposers you work with."  Negotiating with multiple proposers increases your chances to participate in this exciting project.​

9. Can I give a PowerPoint presentation? 
No, there will not be any audio visual capabilities for presentations; however, pitchers may bring props or displays as appropriate.​

Disclaimer: Participation in FastPITCH does not guarantee that you or your business will be selected to participate on a proposing team or result in any contract or agreement with a restaurant or developer. Participation will not result in any contract with the City of Phoenix.


1. Must a potential proposer participate in the Firehouse FastPITCH?
No, participation in the FastPITCH is not mandatory…but small business outreach is required as part of the RFP. FastPITCH offers proposers an opportunity to connect with dozens of small businesses in one event.

2. What type of businesses will I see at Firehouse FastPITCH?
The City is recruiting small businesses that provide goods or services to support restaurant operations (produce peddlers, specialty food vendors, window washers, cleaning services, and more) as well as small businesses offering goods or services to be used in the rehabilitation of the building (architects, designers, contractors, etc.). Restaurant owners are eligible to participate as either a small business 'pitcher' or a potential proposer.

3. Why is the City requiring small business outreach for this business opportunity?
The City has been transforming Hance Park into an iconic downtown destination for residents and visitors alike. We want the rehabilitated Hance Park Firehouse to house a unique eatery with local ties that can be experienced by downtown residents, park visitors, and special event attendees.​

4. Who are the potential customers for a restaurant at this site?
The potential customers include local residents, nearby office staff, park patrons, and special event guests. In addition to large festivals and events throughout the year, Hance Park has been included in the bidding process for several 'mega events' that will result in special events at the park related to: 2023 NFL Super Bowl LVII, 2024 NCAA Men's Final Four, and 2026 MCAA Women's Final Four. These events are anticipated to draw tens of thousands of attendees to the surrounding area. 

5. I’ve got a product or service I’d like to pitch to a team, but I also have the experience to put together a proposing team. Can I sign up as a proposer and small business?”
If you meet the small business definition, you can register to pitch at Firehouse FastPITCH (we strongly recommend you attend the Small Business Information Session on July 20.) Anyone can register as a proposer for the FastPITCH and information sessions.

​6. Who can be the proposer for the Firehouse RFP the City intends to issue this summer​?
​We expect the RFP to require proposing teams (proposers) to have experience with at least 1 adaptive reuse development in the last 5 years and 5 years’ experience operating a full-service restaurant.

Disclaimer: Participation in FastPITCH does not guarantee that your proposal will be selected or result in any contract or agreement with the City of Phoenix.

​​​For more information, please contact our Procurement Team at​

For ADA and Accessibility information, please follow the link here.



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