Downtown Phoenix and Warehouse District Parking Study

​​​​​​​The City of Phoenix is launching a study of current and projected parking utilization in downtown Phoenix and the Warehouse District. The end result of the study will be the adoption of a 10-year Parking Master Plan that will help inform strategies to effectively manage parking demand in the study area.

Study Focus Areas

  • Inventory attributes and analyze utilization of all parking facilities, on-street and off-street and evaluate curbside management and parking policies.
  • Analyze the needs and projected demand generated by commercial, education, residential, convention and entertainment uses. As well as assess impacts to downtown stakeholders, residents and surrounding neighborhoods.  




We are currently on STEP 3

Last updated October 2022



  • Request City Council approval to Issue the RFP for Consultant Services.
    • Approved by City Council on 6/20/19.
  • Issue RFP -> Review Consultant Proposals -> Select the Consultant.
    • RFP issued on 8/29/19 .
    • Proposals Received ​​ on 10/17/19.
    • Recommended Proposer - Kimley Horn posted on 11/19/19.


  • Award Consultant Contract to Recommended Proposer
    • Approved by City Council on 2/19/20.
    • Agreement signed with Kimley Horn in March 2020.
  • Commence Scope of Work / Suspension of Activities.
    • Kimley Horn conducted work on certifying parking inventory and researching the City’s current parking management practices in Spring 2020, but activities were suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and were not intended to resume until resumption of normal parking demand.​


  • Resumption of the Scope of Work.
    • ​An NTP for Kimley Horn to resume work was ​​​issued in October 2021. 


  • Fieldwork, surveys and research with broad group of stakeholders and the public.
    • Data Collection activities measuring parking were completed in April. 
    • Public surveying ​and a focus group were conducted in April to gather additional data and insights
  • Study of findings with recommendations -> Report to City Council​.
    • ​The study wascompleted in October and can be accessed here.​​
  • Develop Parking Master Plan with Community Outreach & City Council approval​​. It is anticipated this step will commence this Winter and into early 2023.

​Parking Study Area

Northern Boundary - McDowell Rd
Southern Boundary - Grant St
Western Boundary - 7th Ave
Eastern Boundary - 7th St