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The city of Phoenix has created a Tax Credit Donation Toolkit for businesses to use to help raise funds for area schools.  
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View an interactive map of Phoenix elementary and high schools based on need. 

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Arizona tax law (ARS 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers a tax credit of up to $200 (or $400 per married couple) if they contribute to extracurricular activities in public schools. Extracurricular activities such as sports, band, speech and debate, or overnight field trips are generally not fully funded by school districts. These programs depend on fees collected from students.


IT’S Your Choice

You may donate less than $200 and be eligible to receive the state tax credit in the amount of your donation. The amount you donate — up to $200 (or $400 per married couple) — will be the amount you may claim as a state tax credit.

Tax Credit Facts

  • A single individual or head of household, the tax credit is $200.

  • $400 state tax credit is available for taxpayers who are married and filing jointly.

  • You may split your $400 donation among more than one public school, but will still qualify for a maximum state credit of $400.

  • Your donation reduces your taxable income to the federal government, thereby reducing your tax burden to the federal government usually by 1/3 of the donation amount.

  • A state tax credit will allow you to reduce the amount of tax liability to the state or increase your refund from the state. If you donate the maximum $400, your Arizona tax bill would be $400 less or your refund will be up to $400 more.

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 Make the Right Choice

​Here's a list of all the districts with schools in the city of Phoenix. Graphic showing dollars per student spent by school districts

The City of Phoenix has created tools to help with your decision to donate to local school districts most in need. Use the maps below to explore the education community in Phoenix.

  • The bar graph to the left displays the amount of tax dollars received by school district in tax year 2014.

  • Dollars per student takes the total received by district and divides it by the number of student enrolled in the district.

Interactive Maps are available which display additional information about schools and districts:

Download tax credit information for all school districts in Phoenix in an Excel spreadsheet.

For more information regarding the Arizona School Tax Credit for Individuals or to find non-Phoenix schools which are eligible, visit the State of Arizona Department of Revenue page.