Frequently Asked Questions




17What should I do if I get a ticket?<div class="ExternalClass1DF02061373A48948C40BA20B789DA27"><p>If it is a valid violation, please pay it by following the directions on the ticket or envelope.  If you believe it was issued in error, you may contest the ticket. Instructions for challenging a ticket can be found on the ticket, or visit the City of Phoenix website for more information.</p></div>
46What types of information may the employee release to the Verifier? <div class="ExternalClass44319E0AC47449FC9FB3A801C11C1499">There are two types of verifications; "Employment Only" and "Employment and Income." <p>1. Employment Verification releases your basic employment information - job title, job status and dates of employment.<br>2. Employment and Income Verification releases your basic employment information and salary information. Your salary information includes your base salary, the date and amount of your last salary increase, the year-to-date wage history for the current year and the two previous years.</p></div>
58I see the W-2 reprint service is available on the Work Number web site. Is this a service available to City employees? <div class="ExternalClassF20DA63FCB9C4FE598435C22661885C5"><p>​No. Neither city employees nor employment verifiers can receive this information from the Work Number web site. You can request a copy of your W-2 using the eCHRIS self-service feature, Payroll and Compensation. If you are having trouble logging into eCHRIS, please contact the Help Desk at 602-534-4357.</p></div>
43What's next?<div class="ExternalClassA39571473A074DB6B708EEE48ABB60F3">You'll be asked to select one of the following options: <blockquote><p>Option 1: Prove your employment and income. You will create a Salary Key to release your salary information. This code is different from your PIN. Your salary key is your authorization to release confidential wage information, and it is valid for 180 days unless you delete it sooner.<br><br>Option 2: Prove your employment only. This option allows lenders to verify your job title and dates of employment.<br><br>Option 3: Create a Salary Key. The system will assign you a Salary Key to provide to your lender. Don't give your lender your PIN number.<br><br>Option 4: Instructions. This option will provide you with more explanations about the system.</p></blockquote></div>
1When is metered parking enforced?<div class="ExternalClass216DFBA170CF4F36B609B94624901A6F">All meters and pay stations are enforced from 8 a.m. to10 p.m. daily, including weekends and holidays.  During this time, meters cost $1.50 per hour and coin-only meters cost $1 per hour.<br></div>
49What is the difference between a PIN and a salary key? <div class="ExternalClassC2A6FBE56FF64838A6DC9E570A6656FF"><p>​Your PIN number should not be provided to anyone, much like the PIN you may use at your bank. You can change your PIN at any time. Your Salary Key is created only when you wish to release your payroll information to a lender. The Salary Key will expire in 180 days, or you can delete your Salary Key at any time, based on your preference. You will need to create a separate Salary Key for each lender if you are shopping for loans, for example.</p></div>
48Why did the City choose to use an outside agency to provide employment verification services? <div class="ExternalClassD534176F20874DACB444D96BD852BBC9"><p>​The City of Phoenix is always looking for ways to improve service to employees, and automated services are one way to provide faster, secure employment verification services. The automated service allows employees control over who they release income information to and when they choose to release it. Our manual process could not provide these options.</p></div>
51Can I find out who has requested my information? <div class="ExternalClassE007CF14BD7A4BF787212F78D18C865C"><p>​You may request to be notified by e-mail when a verifier has accessed your employment information through the Web site.</p></div>
38How Does It Work?<div class="ExternalClass79CCE68FD2B64E8EB00D4C314A773EC9"><p>​Verifiers needing to verify employment, process home mortgages, approve loans or credit requests have immediate access to this information via calling the Verifier Information Line, at 1-800-367-5690, or at the Internet address: <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc"></font></span></a> and providing the following employer code: 11636.</p><p>Employees who wish to use this service can easily set up their account in less than 10 minutes over the phone or using the Internet. No information can be released until this process has been completed.  You will be asked to enter a User ID, which is your Social Security number.</p></div>
42What's next?<div class="ExternalClass5FA5B6533F924B79BA06806B565CB303">'ll be asked to select one of the following options: <blockquote><p>Option 1: Prove your employment and income. You will create a Salary Key to release your salary information. This code is different from your PIN. Your salary key is your authorization to release confidential wage information, and it is valid for 180 days unless you delete it sooner.</p></blockquote></div>
45What types of information may the employee release to the Verifier? <div class="ExternalClassDB13D78ADFB64CE48849D53E28865EC9"><p>​There are two types of verifications; "Employment Only" and "Employment and Income."</p></div>
47How do I make these types of verification available to the Verifier? <div class="ExternalClass1D21E461F4064722B671BCBD8CC08908"><p>​The employee should provide the Verifier with the toll-free Verifier Information Line 1-800-367-5690 or the Internet address, The Verifier should also be given the City of Phoenix employer code: 11636. .</p></div>
50How do I verify that the information provided about my employment is accurate? <div class="ExternalClassC7BD1C006C684186848D6B7E0385BD9C"><p>​If you have a specific concern that your information may not be accurate, please contact the Human Resources Department, Records Section, at 602-262-6608 or via e-mail at <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc"></font></span></a>, and we will verify that your data is correct. Please keep in mind that updated data is sent to the Work Number after each City payroll is confirmed.  It is also important to remember that your employment information is maintained with the vendor for specific, limited purposes, and not all of your employment information is provided to them. The City Human Resources and Finance departments are responsible for producing your payroll, W-2s, and all other human resources transactions.</p></div>
52How long does it take for the system to reflect changes in my employment status?<div class="ExternalClassD974EAF9772041D6B450C476785431ED"><p>​After a change has occurred in your employment status, it will take approximately 10 days for the new information to be reflected in the system.</p></div>
53What if I apply for government assistance such as housing, food stamps, etc. Can government agencies verify my employment free of charge<div class="ExternalClassC566F5269FED4F47B5D540D48A400F27"><p>​Yes, government agencies can use the employment verification service without paying a fee. While applying for government assistance, you will be asked to authorize the release of your personnel / payroll information with your signature in order to be approved.</p></div>
54I'm planning to retire soon. Who will verify my earnings? <div class="ExternalClassFC87F986DD78418C8D7426A498B64F6B"><p>​The Retirement Office is responsible for verifying the earnings of retirees.</p></div>
55Is there a charge for a verifier to obtain the verification of an employee's employment information? <div class="ExternalClass66FC8A5AA3494E64800C03BD2160EE22"><p>​Verifiers pay a fee directly to the Work Number for employment verifications. City of Phoenix employees should not ever have to pay a fee. If you believe you have been charged a fee by a lender or other requestor for the verification of your employment, please contact Human Resources at 602-262-6608 or via e-mail at <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc"></font></span></a>. The vendor - The Work Number - does not charge the City a fee for providing this service.</p></div>
56What security measures are in place to protect my personal information? <div class="ExternalClassA5B1B65A52D84E8091AF6565546E1F9E"><p>​The database system that stores employees' personal data is isolated from the Internet with firewall technology and personal data is not stored on the Web server. Transactions conducted using the Web application are encrypted; security patches are installed as well. You can find more information about the security of The Work Number by logging onto their website, <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc"></font></span></a>.</p></div>
6If I own a business downtown, how do I go about getting parking meter durations adjusted (e.g., from a 1-hour to a 2-hour meter)?<div class="ExternalClassE210D911D10D42D19E43DB99E69DFCA7"><p>Businesses can contact Parking Meter staff at 602-495-6769  to request changes to parking durations that may improve parking supply or convenience for their customers.  Staff will evaluate their requests which may include surveys of nearby business parking needs.</p></div>
39What about My Privacy? <div class="ExternalClass284E18DCB7674A79AB4C72BB60D65F90">See <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc"></font></span></a> on the Internet. The system also has several security features on its Web site. They are: <ul><li>During the verifier's transactions with the Web application, all sensitive information is secured with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption (the highest level currently available) using a VeriSign Digital Server Certificate. This certificate verifies that the verifier has connected to the system and that the transmission has not been diverted to an impostor system. </li><li>The Work Number's internal network is isolated from the public Internet using both hardware and software firewall technology. Traffic between The Work Number's private network and the Internet is strictly limited.<br> </li><li>The Internet applications used by The Work Number run on dedicated Web servers using current software with the latest security patches. The servers are configured for secure Internet usage according to the vendor's published guidelines and established industry procedures.<br> </li><li>Verifier data, including credit card numbers, and employee data, such as Social Security numbers, is not stored on the Web server. The Work Number's database systems are connected to the private internal network only. </li><li>The Work Number's Web server is verified as virus-free by a leading anti-virus software package. The virus prevention files are updated regularly. </li></ul></div>
44Will Human Resources or Payroll still verify my employment if I call them? <div class="ExternalClass63BC26F0BDEA46189EBFF71A2234688B"><p>​No, but they can help you get that information by directing you to the Internet site,</p></div>
57After reading about other companies that supply customer information to telemarketers, I'm worried about protecting my information. Can The Work Number sell my information? <div class="ExternalClassEAC0111B9C3B4EB4AE88AF7B8319D9E3"><p>​No. Employee data is the property of the City of Phoenix and cannot be used or transferred for any purpose other than employment verification services.</p></div>
34What can you expect if you file a charge?<div class="ExternalClass6CC725FB0D1A417599916C833EAAE416"><p><span class="body">When a charge is filed alleging that the City of Phoenix has committed an unfair employee relations practice in violation of the Ordinance, the parties are required to make an attempt to resolve the matter within fourteen (14) days from the date of filing. </span></p><p>If an informal attempt to resolve the matter is unsuccessful, it will be further processed by the Board. The charged party shall file a response to Charge in the form of an answer or motion to dismiss within 35 days following service of the charge. Following receipt of either, the case will be placed on the Board's next agenda. At the meeting the Board will weigh and determine the pleadings filed and the arguments presented. (Please see PERB Rules and REgulations pertaining to motions.) </p><p>If a charge is set to hearing, such hearing will be held before a hearing officer or PERB, at which time the parties will present evidence in support of their positions. </p><p>If, after reviewing the evidence, it appears that a violation has occurred, PERB will issue a decision to remedy the violation. Either party may seek review of the PERB order. </p></div>
35How do you file a charge?<div class="ExternalClass027012B402FD4692A07F396B585AE4EB"><p><span class="body">Prepare a draft of your charge using the appropriate form given under the Forms link on this web site or request a form from the PERB office. Make sure you cite specific times, places, people, etc. for each allegation. Charges are to be typewritten. Make sure all supporting documents are legible. The accompanying affidavit must be notarized. </span></p><p><strong>Charges may be filed electronically by scanning the original documents and emailing them to the PERB mailbox at or filed in person at the PERB office. Upon receipt of a charge a conformed copy will be returned via email or if filed in person, given to the person delivering the charge at the time of filing. If filed electronically the date/time of email receipt will be the date/time the PERB will consider the charge filed. The charge must include a statement of the relief sought by the charging party, provided that the statement shall not limit the Board's ability to award relief based on the record. </strong></p><div><span class="body"><a href=""><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>Forms</strong></span></a><strong> are available in the PERB office.</strong></span></div></div>
36How much time do I have to file a charge?<div class="ExternalClass11ED02A993EB4E419268506A5415F6B9"><p>​<span class="body">Within 6 months after the occurrence of the act or conduct upon which an alleged violation of Phoenix City Code, Section 2-220 or Section 2-221 is founded.</span> </p></div>
37What Is It?<div class="ExternalClassEF9358FC25E74754BF67D605915047A5"><p>​When someone wants to verify employment information you submitted to them, such as a loan officer when applying for a home loan, the requestor generally calls the Human Resources Department. In the past, this manual process often took several days. All verification requests are now handled by phone or Internet through the City's vendor, The Work Number (EQUIFAX).</p></div>
40What is the Work Number?<div class="ExternalClass3B6A894B36C2452697D0169518B0EB8A"><p>The You can access the Work Number through the website (, or by telephone,<br>1-800-367-2884. You will need to set up a PIN number so you can use this system. First you will enter your birthdate to create a PIN, using MMDDYYYY(4 digits), without using slashes or hyphens as date separators.</p></div>
41What if I give my PIN to someone by mistake?<div class="ExternalClass9C7CD16EAF9D441096A3BD7066534FC7"><p>Once you have logged in you can change your PIN by clicking on Change PIN, in the box on the left of the screen, under My Account.</p></div>
22What internal forms will be provided to you by COPERS staff?<div class="ExternalClassD800A63F8BC948449E7C6B1EC37E8426"><ul><li>Direct Deposit Form</li><li>Federal and State Tax Withholding Forms</li><li>Beneficiary Form</li></ul></div>
24When are pension payments made?<div class="ExternalClass6061453EAFF64405BD90BA0C6D7D733B"><p>​Pension payments are made once a month. Though we make every effort to ensure your check is received, it may be to your advantage to sign up for direct deposit. This will prevent a delay in receiving your pension benefit due the US mail.</p></div>
25What is the schedule of pension payments?<div class="ExternalClassE3B1E13E33A9453A8A3176283BC4D80F">2014 Pension Payment Schedule<br><ul><li>January 1, 2014 * </li><li>January 31, 2014 </li><li>February 28, 2014 </li><li>April 1, 2014 </li><li>May 1, 2014 </li><li>May 30, 2014 </li><li>July 1, 2014 </li><li>August 1, 2014 </li><li>August 29, 2014 </li><li>October 1, 2014 </li><li>October 31, 2014 </li><li>December 1, 2014 </li><li>January 1, 2015 * </li></ul> * Processing schedule is determined by each financial institution and will vary. For direct deposit transactions, please check with your financial institution for processing schedule. </div>
26What is Pension Equalization Program (PEP)?<div class="ExternalClass8AF2B8349E04448DA9B693A3D6981C0D"><p>​The PEP provides for a permanent pension increase. Eligible retirees and survivors must have received 36 pension payments as of January 1st of the year being considered. </p><p>The increase is paid in the April 1st pension check, and retroactive to January 1st of the adjustment year. The PEP is not a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA); it is subject to the Plan’s investment performance in excess of 8%. The increase is not to exceed the Department of Labor Consumer Price Index (CPI). </p></div>
28How can retirees make changes or updates?<div class="ExternalClass360D6EA253304215959252500AE28F8D"><p>​In order to make changes to your retirement information, please visit our Forms page to assist you in changing or updating any of the following:</p><ul><li class="first">Contact Information (address, phone number, etc.)</li><li>Designation of Beneficiary</li><li>Tax Withholding</li><li class="last">Direct Deposit </li></ul><p>Tax withholding changes and direct deposit changes can also be made using eCHRIS. <a href="" target="_blank"><img class="ms-rte-paste-setimagesize" alt="eChris login button" src="/coperssite/MediaAssets/echrislogin.gif" style="margin:5px;width:100px;vertical-align:middle;float:none;" /></a> <br>Please note: Changes received after the 15th of the month may not take effect until after the 1st of the following month.</p></div>
11Is it safe to use my credit card at a meter or paystation?<div class="ExternalClassC23A1AE4374C47638B40CCB94AF96BB9"><p>Yes.  Credit card transactions at metered locations are secure because they are PCI compliant.  PCI is the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standard for protecting data.  This requirement is designed to ensure that companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.</p></div>
8Where do the parking meter revenues go?<div class="ExternalClassB8ED6644004446AAB1CFB0DA1F8C0601"><p>All revenues collected go to the City’s General Fund to help pay for various services including new meter technology that allow customers to use credit cards.  Revenues also help pay for essential City services such as police, fire, parks, streets, community and senior centers and graffiti removal throughout the city.</p></div>
3When is on-street parking free?<div class="ExternalClass56E09EE8CB7B49519796F083FA0041AB"><p>On-street metered parking is free overnight from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. every day. The city also currently has several hundred free on-street parking spaces (no parking meters) in the downtown area and in close proximity to major destinations.</p></div>
30What affect do changes to federal and state tax have?<div class="ExternalClass907196AEB9994A4DB2723EE157A7F9E6"><p>Legislation changes can affect tax withholding amounts. These changes in federal and state tax withholding could mean you receive a smaller refund next year, or in some situations, not have sufficient amounts withheld, causing additional tax to be paid at the end of the year. <strong>You should take steps to determine whether the federal and state withholding amounts are appropriate for you.</strong> A wide variety of factors can affect your withholding. Review your current and year-to-date withholding amounts and discuss with your tax preparer whether the amounts are appropriate for your personal situation. </p><p>  </p><p>If you would like to change your federal or Arizona State tax withholding election, please complete appropriate form(s) and mail to COPERS, or log into eCHRIS and electronically update your tax withholding preferences. Forms to adjust federal or state tax withholdings are available on our forms page or they can be requested by calling or visiting our office.</p></div>
31Who can file?<div class="ExternalClassED8BDCD77FF24DB9BD79E8B0FA21ED1D"><p>​<span class="body">Any rank and file City of Phoenix employee, authorized representative, or the City of Phoenix may file a charge alleging a violation of Phoenix City Code, Section 2-220 or Section 2-221.</span></p></div>
32Who is excluded from coverage under the ordinance?<div class="ExternalClassCA67D834E5FC4DB49828343785C9D97A"><p><span class="body">The Ordinance specifically excludes from its coverage individuals who are: </span></p><ul><li>Persons classified as judicial, supervisory, or managerial employees.<br> </li><li>Elected officials and appointive management officials.<br> </li><li>Professional employees.<br> </li><li>Temporary employees.<br> </li><li>Confidential employees who have responsibility for administering the public<br>employer-employee relations ordinance as part of their official duties.<br></li></ul></div>
33What are some examples of employer conduct which violate the ordinance?<div class="ExternalClass2476873DF30A4EC2B67BD1E7B7271477"><p><span class="body">Threatening employees with loss of jobs or benefits if they join or vote for an employee organization or engage in protected concerted activity. </span></p><p>Questioning employees about their union sympathies or activities in circumstances that tend to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of their rights under the Ordinance. </p><p>Transferring, laying off, terminating, or assigning employees more difficult work tasks because they engaged in union or protected concerted activity. </p></div>
14Why are meters "hooded"?<div class="ExternalClassA87C2BF5DED54239A26C6CB99EF25550"><p>Meters are "hooded" for various reasons in the City of Phoenix.  Meters may be taken out of service for construction to allow workers to get materials in and out of a project area, to prevent vehicles from parking in a project or special event area, or for special permitted loading/unloading. The City makes every effort to minimize meter hooding downtown; however, this is often necessary for public safety or completion of important maintenance and construction projects.</p><p>Need a meter hooded for a special event or construction work?  Please call 602-262-6235 with your request.   </p></div>
15Can I park in a Yellow Commercial Loading Zone?<div class="ExternalClass48551FA7C1EE468BAE1EF2E349FCD826"> <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong><font face="Source Sans Pro Bold"><img class="cop-rtePosition-1 ms-rtePosition-1" src="/streetssite/MediaAssets/CLZ%20Parking%20Sign.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:238px;height:214px;" /></font></strong></span>Yes, but pay close attention to the signs.  In most cases, you may park at a yellow commercial loading zones after 5 pm.  If a meter is present, you must pay from 5 pm to 10 pm in loading zones.  You may not park in a loading zone between 7 am and 5 pm unless you have commercial plates and are engaged in legitimate loading activity.</p><p> </p></div>
16Why does Phoenix have paystations and single-space meters?<div class="ExternalClassD340F3631687423C88D1CAD886D70C77"><p>The City of Phoenix currently operates paystations and single spaced meters.  The Phoenix On-Street Parking study conducted in 2012 recommended the combined use of paystations and single-space meters in downtown Phoenix.  The paystations offer another option for customers including payment receipts and have a lower operating cost to the City.  Since single-space meters are preferred by most users, all new meter installations will be of this type.</p></div>
18Does Phoenix have pay-by-cell phone technology available for customers?<div class="ExternalClassD098F2049B5C4102A0983DADDAFBE50A"><p>Yes.  Pay by cell for parking meters is available via the <a href="">Pango</a> mobile app.  The pay-by-cell app is only available for credit card enabled meters as coin-only meters currently do no accept payment via the pay-by-cell app.</p></div>
19Does Phoenix have accessible parking spaces?<div class="ExternalClassA44AC70DB242406BB256D3DC7869BF85"><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong><font face="Source Sans Pro Bold"><img class="cop-rtePosition-1 ms-rtePosition-1" src="/streetssite/MediaAssets/Handicap.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:154px;" /></font></strong></span> </p><font face="Times New Roman" size="3"></font><p class="cop-rteElement-Paragraph">Yes.  Phoenix has several on-street accessible parking spaces throughout the downtown area.  Each space is clearly marked with a special sign with the international symbol of access.  Parking at an accessible space is governed by <a href="" target="_blank">Phoenix City Code 36-149</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Arizona Revised Statute 28-884</a>.​​</p></div>
20Can I prepay if I arrive before meter enforcement begins?<div class="ExternalClassACE06C82A353493BBA0595AF3C51D771"><p>You can prepay at single-space credit card meters and paystations for the time you need even if you arrive before the start of enforcement – you will not be charged until the meter begins operation at 8 am. Prepayment begins at 7:00 am at all credit card meters including paystations every day.  This feature does not apply to coin-only operated meters.</p></div>
21What documents will be required at the time of retirement?<div class="ExternalClass369A266F50244C7598F54B4E224E5186"><ul><li>Valid picture identification(s)</li><li>Original Social Security card (signed)</li><li>Spouse’s original Social Security card (signed)</li><li>Original or certified Birth Certificate or Current Passport</li><li>Spouse’s original or certified Birth Certificate or Current Passport</li><li>Original Marriage Certificate(s)</li><li>Evidence of name change if name on Birth Certificate differs from Marriage Certificate</li><li>Domestic Relations Order (DRO) affecting your benefit payments (if applicable)</li></ul></div>
23What are some tips for employees getting ready to retire?<div class="ExternalClassDEFA96C9969A4228AEAC900806989AA8"><ul><li>​Contact the Social Security Administration for a replacement card or any name changes to your current Social Security card.</li><li>Make sure you start gathering your required documentation early. Some documents may be difficult to obtain on short notice or you may find discrepancies and need to update your legal documents.</li><li>All original documents will be returned to you after copied by COPERS staff.</li></ul></div>
27What is the 13th Check<div class="ExternalClass6BBBB0DB79774A05AE3F88C960AC70F8"><p>​The 13th Check is a supplement payment paid to eligible retirees, survivors, and beneficiaries each year. It is based upon a predetermined formula and investment returns, provided funds are available in the reserve. The 13th Check is limited to one-half the increase in the CPI, but not less than one percent times your annualized pension. <br><br>Payment of the 13th Check is pro-rated if you are not retired a full year.</p></div>
29Why is my amount different? <div class="ExternalClass9901A043AC874F1CAD8760CE18555B7F"><p>​New insurance premiums take effect January 1st. Please note you may see a change in your “net” due to the new premiums taking effect.</p></div>