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RecruitmentWhat it's like to be a Firefighter
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Ecomonic Impact of FirefightingResults of ASU's Seidman Research Institute & Underwriter Laboratories partnership with Phoenix Fire to identify the economic impact of firefighting.
Heroes Program
Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center​Dispatchers in the center handle calls for help from 27 cities and towns.
Phoenix Alarm Room Dispatcher​Our dispatchers handle emergency calls for help from 27 cities and towns.
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Recruit Class 15-4 in Training​The acrophobia test on a 100' ladder.
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Firefighter Recruit Class 15-4​Recruits from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City and Tempe graduated from the Academy January 8th.
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800MHz Dispatch
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Phoenix Fire Station 50​The Phoenix Fire Department occupies 58 fire stations spread strategically throughout the 519 square miles of Phoenix.
Fire Professional Standards Guide
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