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Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Kevin Kalkbrenner

Kevin Kalkbrenner hired on to the Phoenix Fire Department in 1987. He promoted to Engineer in 1991 and then to Captain in 1994. He worked as a Recruit Training Officer at the Phoenix Fire Training Academy from 1996 through 1998. Kevin was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2001. His assignments included Battalion Chief Aviation BC19, Division Chief Training Academy, and Battalion Chief Operations BC2.

 Kevin was promoted Deputy Chief in Operations as North Shift Commander in 2004. In 2008, Kevin was promoted to Assistant Chief. He oversaw Fire Operations which includes responsibility for the North / South Emergency Response Staffing Office (ERSO), Safety, Aviation, Dispatch & Deployment, the Crisis Response Program and the Incident Management Team.

In 2014, Kevin was appointed to Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management by the City Manager. His duties include oversight of the Urban Area Security Initiative, regional Cyber Security coordination, Training and Exercise for Citywide response to disasters both natural and man-made, and long range disaster planning and mitigation efforts.

Kevin was deployed to the World Trade Center as a Search Team Manager for AZTF1, Phoenix Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue Team. He was deployed to the Winter Olympics in Utah in 2003 as a Rescue Team Manager. In 2005, he deployed to Hurricane Katrina and again for Hurricane Rita as Task Force Leader.

Kevin is an adjunct instructor for the Maricopa Community College system. He has attended Phoenix College and Ottawa University. Kevin is a graduate in the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Program and is certified as an adjunct instructor.

Kevin is married to Kara Kalkbrenner and has two children -- their son Brett and a daughter Sarah. They enjoy traveling and outdoor activities such as biking, scuba diving and skiing.

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