To a typical kid, the only thing cooler than a fire truck is ­somebody who rides in one. Firefighters maneuver through the city at high­ speeds and climb ladders to sickening heights. These highly trained specialists risk their lives every day fighting fires.  It's easy to see why so many people aspire to become firefighters: serving as one is heroic and adventurous. But becoming a firefighter takes more than brute strength and guts of steel.  It takes training, training to become a firefighter and continuous training after becoming one.

The Phoenix Fire Department has created two state of the art training centers where they train new recruits, current firefighters and company officers.

The Command Training Center provides interactive simulations of large-scale incidents through computer programs and three-dimensional models. The exercises take firefighters and command officers through simulated incidents to teach them to make better decisions on the fire ground - decisions that could potentially save firefighter and civilian lives.

Firefighter Recruit Training is for entry level members assigned to the Phoenix Fire Training Academy. Members are paid to attend the twelve week Phoenix Fire Training program consisting of firefighting methods, emergency medical services, fire code enforcement and prevention practices, salvage operations, public relations, physical fitness and associated topics to prepare for appointment as a firefighter.