Flood Barriers & Sand Bags


Flood Barriers

The city of Phoenix encourages residents to explore innovative, long-term water barrier options such as self-activating flood barriers. These barriers are activated when they come in contact with water in a matter of minutes, diverting water like sand bags. They can be stored throughout the year and reused and can be found online or at local hardware stores.

Residents can leave these barriers in flood-prone areas before leaving for work. This may be an easier option for some residents, who don’t wish to manually fill sand into bags, transport and dispose of them.

Sand Pick Up Locations

In the event of flooding, the city of Phoenix will provide sand at certain fire stations. Those fire stations will be listed on this page. Residents must bring a shovel and bags. We also encourage residents to learn more about Flood Barriers as a new way to protect property.

Fire Stations, Current Locations:

Phoenix Fire Station #11, 2727 E. Roosevelt St.

Phoenix Fire Station #16, 1414 E. Mohave

Phoenix Fire Station #26, 3301 W. Rose Ln

Phoenix Fire Station #31,  5730 E. Thunderbird Rd

Phoenix Fire Station #36,  21602 N. 9th Ave

Phoenix Fire Station #39,  2276 W. Southern Ave

Phoenix Fire Station #40, 3838 N. 83rd Ave