City of Phoenix GPLET
Parcel Database

Click on the following links below to review the list of parcels subject to GPLET statutes.  To view copies of the documents for each parcel subject to the tax, please search using the City Contract number or the Maricopa County Recorder’s number provided.  Links to the applicable search pages are provided on the right side of this page under Quick Links.

In addition, you will find information on parcels not subject to the tax including exempt parcels, parcels in abatement and parcels that have a City Council approved development agreement authorizing the use of GPLET.

Per the provisions of A.R.S. 42-6202, leases that are exempt under ARS 42-6208, and in this case specifically A.R.S. 42-6208(15), residential rentals if the prime lessee is the occupant, and the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, codified at 5 USC 552a, the City has not listed any exempt public housing leases.

​Information on GPLET

​Click on the following links to find additional information on GPLET, what is it and impacts of the Statute.

Arizona Revise Statutes (Title 42)Excise Tax Rate Schedule (DOR)