On The Job - Jim Teasley, Radio Specialist with Information Technology DepartmentThe Phoenix Fire and Police departments use hand-held radios and a Regional Wireless Network to answer calls for assistance. Meet an ITS employee whose job is to help make sure those radio towers work at their optimum level in support of our first responders.
Doing What Matters - Meet Vauda Jordan, Security EngineerCyber attacks are more prevalent and in the news these days. On this edition of "Doing What Matters," learn how Vauda and her security team work hard to keep city systems secure from cyber attacks.
Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) 2015
Cyber Security Advice from Information TechnoloyPhoenix Information Technology security expert Randell Smith, Jr. offers his advice on how residents can keep their computers safe.
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Sunset view of downtown Phoenix
Trusted sites security warning screen shot