About Information Security & Privacy Office

About ISPO

The City's Information Security & Privacy Office (ISPO) provides strategic oversight for City information security and privacy programs.   ISPO

  • Develops information security and privacy policies, procedures, and standards, and
  • Helps protect City information and computing systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, and destruction.

ISPO's Mission

The Information Security & Privacy Office’s mission is to protect the business from risk and to protect the public trust.
Our vision is to empower the business to succeed by building security into business processes and by keeping our citizen’s personal and financial information secure.

To accomplish our mission, we

  • Build strong relationships with departments and City leadership working as a team to improve the City’s information security health together
  • Define the City's security and privacy strategy and governance in accordance with business goals
  • Assess information and privacy risks and provide oversight to mitigate those risks, and
  • Educate City employees and the public on security and privacy best practices.


ISPO -- randell smithRandell Smith, CISSP, CISM, PMP
Chief Information Security Officer

Randell Smith is the City's Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer (CISO).  He is certified in security, security management, and project management.

The ISPO team consists of employees certified in security, security management, legal issues in information technology, and privacy.