Protecting Your Business

CyberBiz Planner

Did you know... 

  • 85 percent of small businesses think their companies are cyber-secure, but
  • Barely half of these businesses actually have a cybersecurity strategy or plan in place, and 
  • Nearly 80 percent say they lack a written Internet security policy. 

​The FCC wants to help and launched the Small Biz Cyber Planner, an online resource to help small businesses create customized cyber security plans. 

Created by a public-private partnership between government experts and private IT and security companies, the Cyber Planner allows you to create a customized security plan and provides guidance to help protect your business from information security threats.

Protecting Your Online Reputation

A good reputation is vital to maintaining consumer goodwill and trust.  Do you know what your online reputation is?  PC World has a good article on how to find consumer comments about your business and protect your online reputation.  Read more about protecting your online reputation.

More Resources

Listed below are more links to free information about security and privacy to protect your business.  The documents contain not only information to teach you about the topics, but also guides and recommendations.  Some of ISPO's favorites include:

More Information

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