About KNOW99 Television

Our Station

know99 Television takes learning to new levels! We are the premiere youth and education cable channel operated by the City of Phoenix, supporting an entire community of learners: teachers, students, administrators, parents, youth and YOU! know99 Television is carried on Cox Cable Channel 99 and CenturyLink Channel 8006.

Our Promise

At know99 Television learning goes to work, questions go to play, and knowledge grows, fueling an empowered life for people of all kinds in our Phoenix community and beyond.

Our Coverage Area

The know99 Television coverage area extends beyond Phoenix, reaching a potential viewing audience of over 400,000 households in Phoenix, Laveen, Avondale, Tempe, and parts of Scottsdale. The K-12 school audience potentially includes 150,000 students in Phoenix schools with cable access. know99 Television programming reaches 29 school districts and 470 schools throughout Phoenix.

Our History

know99 Television began in 1987 as Learn 34, housed on the campus of South Mountain High School. A partnership was developed with the high school to provide paid internship opportunities to students enrolled in the Communication Arts Video Magnet Program. Before creating the brand and identity ‘KNOW99,’ the education channel was also known as Channel 20. In 2001, the education station moved its office to downtown Phoenix in a shared space with PHX11, the city’s government channel. This opened up a myriad of opportunities to improve programming and provide local productions highlighting positive stories about youth and education in Phoenix. Today, know99 Television still offers internship opportunities for students. Interns actively assist with productions and Master Control Operations.

Our Programming

know99 Television broadcasts educational programs around the clock, focusing on English, Science, History, Art, and Foreign Language programming each school day from 8am – 4pm. The program schedule consistently promotes English Language Learning, Adult Basic Education, and special awareness monthly topics that may include Alcohol Abuse, and Bullying Prevention. Evening programming is targeted to the lifelong learner, featuring a wide variety of documentaries, news, travel, and youth at-risk programming. Record rights are available for most programs, allowing viewers to record and use programs as an educational resource in the classroom. know99 Television offers an array of quality educational programs as you will find on our 'Programming List' page. Most programs include Teacher Guides, and Lesson Plans that can be downloaded from links provided for each program title.  Visit 'Programming List’ to learn more.

Our Local Productions

know99 Television continues to produce an average of 100 positive, news-length youth and education stories each year. Also, know99 Television launched its Icons in Education series, highlighting those who have made a profound difference in the Phoenix education community, like Betty Fairfax, Carolyn Warner, Dr. Eugene Grigsby, and Eddie and Nadine Basha. Over the years, know99 Television has received several Telly Awards for its productions.

To learn more explore our website or send us an email at know99@phoenix.gov