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​​know99 Television offers quality, educati​onal programs in a variety of topics. Most of our programming includes off-air record rights, meaning teachers can record programs and use them as a classroom resource for the duration of our license period. Click on each program title below, to be directed to the distributor's website where you can preview a clip and access free support materials and teacher resources for the program.  

Abstinence & Teen Pregnancy 

Scenarios Choices Still

Scenarios USA: The Choices We Make

Grades: 9-12   Du​​​ration: 16 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Young lovers struggle to make the right decision about becoming parents. This film was written by high school student, Tiara Bennett from Brooklyn, NY and directed by Alison Maclean.

Scenarios Toothpaste Still

Scenarios USA: Toothpaste

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 16 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Two best friends consider taking their relationships to the next level. The decisions they make are as different as the outcomes. This film was written by students in High School from Mission Texas and directed by Ben Younger.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse 

Bath Salts Still

Bath Salts: The Deadly Facts

Grades: 7-College   Duration: 19 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

A drug abuse expert who treats young people in the grips of bath salt addiction speaks bluntly about this methamphetamine-like drug. The gut-wrenching story of Jarrod Moody, a young man who took his own life after a binge on bath salts caused him to spiral out of control, makes a powerful case against experimenting with bath salts.

KAR Drinking Still

Connect with Kids At-Risk: Drinking & Driving Kills

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This shattering program explores the different reasons why kids drink and reveals how alcohol affects kids differently than adults.

KAR Addiction Still

Connect with Kids At-Risk: Gateway to Addiction

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Teen addicts speak in their own words about how their lives spiraled out of control after using drugs.

KAR OTC Drugs Still

Connect with Kids At-Risk: OTC Drugs & Inhalants

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This eye-opening program illuminates how this abuse is skyrocketing among teenagers. It is estimated that four million Americans, ages 12 and up, are using over-the-counter and prescription medicine for non-medical reasons.

Drug Abuse Still

Drug Abuse Addiction & The Adolescent Brain

Grades: 5-8   Duration: 9 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

The program features five classroom lessons that focus on the science of how drugs affect the brain; an integrated video with interviews by leading scientists in the area of drug abuse research, treatment experts, and recovering drug addicts; animations to illustrate the effects of drugs.

Keep It Real Still

Keep It Real

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

Educates teens about the consequences of inappropriate risk-taking behaviors, using graphic images and footage of real trauma in the production. Viewer discretion is advised.

Molly Still

Molly: Innocent Name, Deadly Drug

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Many young people falsely believe Molly, a pure form of Ecstasy or MDMA, is a safe drug. In this program, Molly is exposed as the grave danger that it really is. Interviews with former Molly users and drug abuse experts drive home the message that taking Molly is playing Russian Roulette with your life.

Pharm Party Still

Pharm Parties: A Lethal Mix

Grades: 7-College   Duration: 24 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

This eye-opening program allows viewers to hear from teens who nearly died after participating in pharm (pharmaceutical) parties, as well as medical experts who identify the dangers of taking any medicines not specifically prescribed for you.

Truth About Drugs Still

The Truth About Drugs

Grades: 9-College   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

Viewers get factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.

Body Image & Obesity 

KAR Body Image Still

Connect with Kids At-Risk: Body Image Obsession

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

What is the price of attaining the "perfect" appearance? Who sets contemporary standards of beauty? This Parents' Choice Award-winning program examines the growing trend of childhood obsession with body image.

KAR Obesity Still

Connect with Kids At-Risk: Fat Chance Obesity

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

In this compelling program, overweight and formerly obese teens share the agony of being subjected to verbal and physical bullying. They discuss the devastating impact being an overweight kid in America has on their self-esteem.

Scenarios Me Still

Scenarios USA: Me, Myself, and I

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 13 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

A high school girl learns to make choices for herself regardless of what others think. This film was written by high school student, Caroline Boon from Brownsville, Texas and directed by Eva Vives.

Scenarios Memoir Still

Scenarios USA: Memoirs to My Former Self

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 15 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

A girl is called out on her eating disorder by a girl she never liked. Their unlikely alliance, and eventual friendship, pushes her to deal with it. This film was written by Katrina Garcia from Miami Florida and directed by Jamie Babbitt.

Bullying Prevention 

Bully Test Still

Are YOU a Bully Test

Grades: 6-10   Duration: 23 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Many people may be bullies and not even know it. This program challenges students to think about their own behavior with a series of seven questions about physical, verbal, and exclusionary bullying.

Confessions of a Bully Still

Confessions of a Bully

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 17 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This unique, documentary-style program addresses the nationwide bullying crisis from the perpetrator’s point of view. Real former bullies offer frank descriptions of how they once mistreated and harassed their peers, explaining why they acted that way and why they decided to change their behavior.

KAR Bullycide Still

Connect with Kids At-Risk: Bullycide & Verbal Abuse

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Recent surveys revealed that 160,000 children stay home from school every day because they fear what other kids may do or say to them. A new form of bullying prompted the creation of two words: Cyberbullying, cruelty on the Internet, and Bullycide, one child driving another to suicide.

KAR Cyberstalking Still

Connect with Kids At Risk: Cyberstalking & Bullying

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

With technology comes great freedom, but also great responsibility. Within seconds of logging on to a computer, children may be exposed to graphic language, hurtful gossip, pornography, and predators. "Smart parents understand that if you live near water, you need to teach your child to swim," a cybercamp director observes in this essential program. "If you live in the Internet age, you need to teach your child how to be safe online."

KAR Verbal Still

Connect with Kids At Risk: Stopping Verbal Bullying

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

The pain bullies cause is not always physical, and the weapons they use are often invisible: teasing, exclusion, and name-calling. Their victims may experience a loss of confidence, a drop in grades, and a fear of people and school. In this wrenching program, bullies and victims speak out about the nature of bullying and its devastating legacy.

Teen Truth Still

Teen Truth: An Inside Look at Bullying & School Violence

Grades: 7-College   Duration: 24 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

This multi-faceted production weaves together several dramatic strands, creating a unique and candid view of how bullying directly correlates to the rise of school violence in schools. Viewers also experience the Columbine disaster, through live voice recordings of parents, teachers and students talking to 911 operators as the disaster occurred.

Gender, Power & Relationships 

Dating Abuse Still

Dealing with Teen Dating Abuse: Crossing the Line

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 17 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This is the story of Megan – a happy, athletic, “A” student who wants desperately to be in a relationship and have a boyfriend. She connects with Matt, who seems at first to be her soul mate. As their relationship evolves, Matt monopolizes more and more of Megan’s time. He isolates her from her friends and activities, abuses her verbally and eventually becomes physically violent.

Scenarios Logo Still

Scenarios USA Films

Grades: 9-12   Duration: varies   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Thousands of students who go through the REAL DEAL curriculum submit stories to the REAL DEAL writing contest. Stories are chosen, and the young writers are partnered with acclaimed Hollywood filmmakers to transform the stories into short films for national distribution.


Scenarios Lipstick Still

Scenarios USA: Lipstick

Grades: 9-12   Duration:10 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Emily hangs with her friends, plays soccer and looks forward to graduation. She also has a secret girlfriend. Will her friends still love her when she comes out? This film was written by students from Southern California and directed by Michael Apted.

Scenarios MIM Still

Scenarios USA: Man in the Mirror

Grades: 9-12   Duration:17 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Jason Gutierrez is a Puerto Rican from New York City and the quintessential all-American guy. Status comes at a price as rumors spread that Jason is gay. With his identity questioned, Jason is pushed to understand who he is and prove how far he will go to prove that he's just “one of the boys.” This film was written by Treviny Marie Colon and directed by Joel Schumacher.

Scenarios Who Still

Scenarios USA: Who I Am

Grades: 9-12   Duration:17 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Two young women confront their sexuality at the crossroads of race and class. The film addresses stereotypes, racism, and homophobia. This film was written by Whitney Peters from Miami, Florida and directed by Jesse Peretz.

Peer Pressure & Decision Making Skills

Driving Stupid Still

Driving Stupid

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This program dramatizes that most teens overestimate their driving skills and underestimate the risks involved in texting while driving, driving drowsy and driving under the influence. True to life stories accentuate these very real dangers.

Say No Still

How to Say NO and Really Mean It

Grades: 7-College   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Saying NO and sticking to it is one of the most difficult challenges in a teen’s world. In the high peer pressure environment of a high school party, it’s almost impossible for many teens to do what they know is right. This information-packed video opens on just such a party. Five teens face situations that test their ability to say NO in a convincing manner.

Sexting Still

Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know

Grades: 7-12   Duration: 17 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

View teens’ real stories: a girl recounts how a semi-nude picture of her became widely circulated in her school; a boy tells his story of how he received and forwarded a picture and was almost charged as a sex offender. A prominent sexuality educator drives home the legal consequences of sexting. Using a peer-to-peer approach, teens talk about the importance of resisting pressures to engage in sexting.



Connect with Kids At-Risk: STDs Lifetime of Consequences

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

There are an estimated three million cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) a year among teenagers alone. This essential program offers straight talk about STDs and the heavy price young adults are paying for having unprotected sex.

Scenarios Choices Still

Scenarios USA: Choices- The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 16 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Three boys on the verge of manhood face the realities of relationships. A look at how three teenage friends deal with issues of fatherhood, peer pressure, passion, STDs and taking responsibility. This film was written by teens from Orlando Florida and directed by Tamara Jenkins.

Scenarios POV Still

Scenarios USA: From an Objective Point of View

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 10 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

No sex, without the consultation of the other. Agreed!" Two best friends make a pact not to have sex. But when passions flare, the agreement (and their friendship) is on the verge of being broken. This film was written by Janet Aponte from Queens, New York and directed by Jim McKay and Hannah Weyer.

Scenarios Imagined Still

Scenarios USA: Just Like You Imagined?

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 17 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Six teens hope to avoid heartbreak, HIV, and hard truths about their relationships while remaining true to who they are. This film was written by Verena Faden from Miami Florida and directed by David Frankel.

Scenarios Monster Still

Scenarios USA: The Monster

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 11 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

When three young men chat up the new girl on the block, only one gets lucky. But he, however, is forced to deal with his HIV status. This film was written by youth incarcerated on Rikers Island and directed by Academy Award winner Adam Davidson.

Scenarios Nightmare Still

Scenarios USA: Nightmare on AIDS Street

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 5 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

17-year-old Isabel knows she can’t take back what happened during one hazy night with a guy. She decides to take responsibility and bravely face her greatest fear by getting tested. This film was written by Nicole Zepeda and directed by Kinan Valdez.

Scenarios Reflections Still

Scenarios USA: Reflections

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 21 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Three best friends learn to take the risk of HIV/AIDS seriously as they navigate romantic relationships. This film was written by Keyana Ray from Maywood, Illinois and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Adult Basic Education

TV411 Still


Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Practical ways to improve reading, writing, and math skills and useful tips on parenting, health, and personal finance.

College Readiness

16 Summers Still

16 Summers

Grades: 6-12   Duration: 45 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

A multimedia program designed to inform students and families about ways to prepare for, apply to, and pay for postsecondary education. The extensive curriculum centers around the film 16 Summers, featuring actor and musician Nick Cannon. The film follows the experiences of the Taylor family. When the family falls on hard times, they are forced to learn more about the impact education has on their lives.

Pay College Still

How Am I Going to Pay for College?

Grades: 7-College   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

This clear, up-to-the-minute program breaks down the sources of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, work-study jobs, and federal and private student loans. Financial aid experts and real college students provide tips and strategies for maximizing award packages and budgeting for college life. Students learn the ins-and-outs of applying for financial aid through the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and how to compare financial aid packages.

English Language Learner (ELL)

Connect with English Still

Connect with English

Grades: 9-Adult   Duration: 15 minutes   License Expiration: 8/31/16

Through the story of Rebecca, an aspiring singer on a journey across America, Connect With English touches on life's important issues: leaving home, parenting, education, work, love, success, and loss. All of the characters use meaningful, natural language that students can put to work immediately in their own lives. Each episode features dialogue that is slightly slowed down and subtly simplified. Key lines are repeated, idioms paraphrased, and important events retold. There are constant visual clues to meaning, such as written signs, notes, and documents. Facial expressions, gestures, and body language also reveal meaning for students.

Financial Literacy 

TV411 Save Smart Still

TV411 Save Smart

Grades: 9-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

Program helps adults learn the basic reading and math skills behind saving and investing.

Foreign Languages 

Destinos Still

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish

Grades: 9-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Rights renewal in progress

Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Understanding of Spanish and appreciation of many Hispanic cultures increase as students become absorbed in the mysterious and entertaining story.

French in Action Still

French in Action

Grades: 9-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Rights renewal in progress

This series uses active participation to increase fluency in French, while introducing French culture. Pierre Capretz's proven language-immersion method is presented within a humorous teleplay with native speakers of all ages and backgrounds. The storyline of an American student and a young Frenchwoman's adventures in Paris and the French countryside is reinforced by Dr. Capretz's on-camera instruction.

Health / Nutrition 

Kids Cookin Still

Kids A Cookin'

Grades: 3-8   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

Follow Host (and Mom) Karen Arnold, as she leads school-age children step-by-step in preparing nutritious, delicious, but most of all, fun recipes.


16th Century Still

16th & 17th Century Turning Points in U.S. History

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

The 16th and 17th Century Turning Points in U.S. History series chronicles decisive events - chaptered into individual segments - in the crucial colonial period that would lead to the founding of the United States of America.

18th Century Still

18th Century Turning Points in U.S. History

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

As the 18th century dawned on the North American continent, four powers, the French, the Spanish, the British and the Native Americans were competing to see who would control this remarkable land. However after half a century of almost continuous wars, a new entity emerged: The Americans.

19th Century Still

19th Century Turning Points in U.S. History

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

America entered the 19th century as an agricultural nation of 16 states and 5.3 million people. By the end of the century, the nation was an industrial power of 45 states and 76 million people. This series of eight programs is chaptered into 55 stand-alone segments that highlight significant historical events, scientific milestones and cultural achievements.

20th Century Still

20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History is an eight-part series designed to provide a clear overview of the people and events that distinguished the 20th century at specific points in time that were significant pivotal points in history.

21st Century Still

21st Century Turning Points in U.S. History

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Examines the most significant events in America since the turn of the century: our nation under attack on her own soil, a natural disaster destroying one of her major cities, Americans facing the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and the nation's infrastructure - roads, water systems and electrical grids - deteriorating. It is also a decade of hope. The country elected its first African American President, the Internet connected people in ways unimaginable just ten years ago, and mapping the human genome gives the promise of a brighter, healthier future.

National Monuments Still

America's National Monuments

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 38 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Tour spectacular National Monuments throughout America’s Great Plains, Historic South, and the Geologic West.

Indian Achievement Still

A History of American Indian Achievement

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

The journey is one that tells three stories: one of remarkable civilizations creating architecture, technology and art that matched the greatest success of any ancient culture. The second story is one of survival: overcoming attempts at extermination by the dominant culture. The final story is one of accomplishment.

Black Achievement Still

A History of Black Achievement in America

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Presented by James Avery, the series highlights the many contributions of Black Americans that have influenced our culture, enriched our society with their achievements, and shaped the history of the United States.

Chinese Achievement Still

A History of Chinese American Achievement

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Join host Archie Kao as he shares the incredible story of Chinese American Achievement, from the first wave of immigrants in California's gold fields to the entrepreneurs of the 21st century's Information Age.

Christianity Still

A History of Christianity

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch, The BBC series, A History of Christianity reveals the true origins of Christianity.

Hispanic Achievement Still

A History of Hispanic Achievement in America

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

From the American Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War, Hispanic Americans have proudly served this country in the Armed Forces. And throughout U.S. history, Hispanics have contributed in building the West; in medicine and science; in entertainment, journalism, business, education, civil rights, politics, in sports and more.Join Patricia Lopez, as she takes you through history on this 500 year odyssey of Hispanic Achievement in American History.

Jewish Achievement Still

A History of Jewish American Achievement

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Actress Mare Winningham narrates this chronicle of extraordinary Jewish American achievement.

Women Achievement Still

A History of Women's Achievement in America

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

The unique and independent American woman: adventurer... pioneer... poet... mother... educator... artist... freedom fighter. A History of Women's Achievement in America examines the 400-year history of American women's inspiring accomplishments and victories.

History Constitution Still

A History of the U.S. Constitution

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

In this series we shall see how this document has protected the American people from the abuses of power and tyranny and how for over two centuries the principles set forth by the U.S. Constitution have empowered Americans to excel and aspire to greatness - great art, great literature, excellence and leadership in science and technology. The Constitution has enabled the United States to become the world's most prosperous and most powerful nation.

Justice Still

Justice for All: The Courts of Equal Rights

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 23 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation launched "Justice for All" to facilitate discussion about the connection between the courts and equal rights. It educates on why fair-minded judges are important in the fight for equality and how attacks on the courts are attacks on justice.

Railroads Still

Railroads in U.S. History

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This series offers a fresh perspective on how railroads created and shaped America's financial institutions, America's singular brand of capitalism and its unique way of doing business.


American Passages Still

American Passages

Grades: 9-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Annenberg rights renewal in progress

American Passages: A Literary Survey is a 16-part American literature course. The video programs, print guides, and Web site place literary movements and authors within the context of history and culture. The course takes an expanded view of American literary movements, bringing in a diversity of voices and tracing the continuity among them.

African American Authors Still

Great African American Authors

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

It is a history of a literature that rose out of slavery, oppression and racism to become one of the great literary traditions in the world. Great African American Authors, an eight part series, brings to light the accomplishments of over 40 brilliant black writers, who against all odds wrote great novels, plays and poetry. These authors include Phillis Wheatley, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, August Wilson, Rita Dove and many more.

Great Authors Still

Great American Authors: Since 1650

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Presented by Jane Kaczmarek, Great American Authors: Since 1650 presents the rich, literary tradition of American storytelling. Featuring such greats as Poe, Dickinson, Twain, Alcott, Hemingway, Wolfe, Steinbeck, Vonnegut, and Morrison, this eight part series presents the lives and literary output of over 60 of America's most read authors.

British Authors Still

Great Authors of the British Isles

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This series introduces the extraordinary body of English literature with over 60 major authors, their insights, themes and impact on history. Authors include William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, T. S. Eliot, J. K. Rowling and more.

Irish Authors Still

Great Irish Authors

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Home to acclaimed authors, including four Nobel Prize laureates, Ireland has given the world a rich body of literature. This series focuses on the great Irish tradition of storytelling, including the plays of Oscar Wilde, the satire of Jonathan Swift, the poetry of William Butler Yeats, and the novels of Bram Stoker.

Great Directors Still

A History of Great Directors

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

Hollywood's Greatest Directors presents a chronological series of snapshots that highlights not only the achievements of the greatest directors but the story of the genius of the American system that turned filmmaking into a worldwide industry.

Playwrights Still

A History of Great Playwrights

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This five part series focuses on the rich literary tradition of the theater - its plays and playwrights, including such greats as Sophocles, Terence, William Shakespeare, Molière, Henrik Ibsen, Eugene O'Neill, Bertolt Brecht, Tennessee Williams, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tom Stoppard.

Shakespeare Shorts Still

Shakespeare Shorts

Grades: 9-12   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/14

Supported by clips from past television and film versions, leading television actors discuss the motivations of major characters in scenes chosen from five of William Shakespeare's plays. A full performance of each scene introduces students to the characters; key lines; and themes such as the supernatural, persuasion, kingship, guilt, and insanity. Designed for use in high school classrooms.


Atom Still


Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 60 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

From the BBC, a program about the atom... fundamental to studies in chemistry, physics and general science.

Bill Nye Still

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Grades: 3-8   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 11/1/14

With more than 16 Emmys® to its credit and legions of fans, it's easy to see why the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" show is one of the most popular educational series of all time. Beloved by teachers and students alike, Bill Nye and his unique brand of Way Cool Science make complex science principles accessible for all learners.

Core Biology

Core Biology

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This series covers animal sciences, environmental sciences, plant sciences, and microbiology and genetics.

Core Meteorology Still

Core Meteorology

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This series covers the study of atmospheric events and disciplines such as storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, temperature changes, and global warming. It also defines and describes climate types and presents the principles of weather dynamics.

Core Sciences Still

Core Sciences

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/15

This set of programs introduces core concepts in the field of science- chemistry, classical physics, modern physics, astronomy and geology.

Flight School Still

Flight School

Grades: 4-8   Duration: 45 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

The Flight School series examines historical, scientific, and technological aspects of aviation and its impact on exploration, communication, commerce, and national defense. Each program integrates science, technology, engineering, physics, math, and other fields of study. Students meet pilots, engineers and astronauts; and are introduced to museum curators and cool artifacts, as a team of educators identified scientific principles that make controlled, heavier-than-air flight possible.

Inventions Still

Inventions That Shook the World

Grades: 5-12   Duration: 50 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/2015

Get a firsthand look at the history of the time and the inventors’ process through primary sources, including archival footage and interviews with the actual inventors.  From the airplane to the DNA fingerprint, science, history and pop culutre come under the spotlight in this thrilling chronicle of the 20th Century's greatest inventions.

Living Oceans Still

The Living Oceans

Grades: 5-12   Duration: 20 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/2015

This series, produced by the award-winning company that made the IMAX feature Deep Sea, uses stunning underwater footage to show the diverse world of the ocean.

Human Body Still

Miracle of the Human Body

Grades: 7-Adult   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 6/30/2015

This series provides information about basic anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and mechanics of the various body systems- skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and renal, reproductive system. Heart surgeon Dr. Mark Reisman describes the anatomy and function of each body system through live-action video, photos, medical imaging, and realistic 3-D animation.

NASA Still

NASA 360

Grades: 6-8   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: Perpetuity

NASA 360 gives you a "first look" at everything from rockets to robots, from the next generation of aircraft to the latest innovations in energy, from atmospheric research to exploring the farthest reaches of our universe. Join us as we visit some of the most brilliant scientists, engineers, and explorers of today and get a 360 degree look at "what's next.".

Imagineering Still

The Science of Disney Imagineering

Grades: 4-12   Duration: 30 minutes   License Expiration: 12/31/2014

This curriculum-based science series uses roller coasters, stunt shows, animatronics, and other irresistible examples to break down scientific principles in a way that is accessible for all learners.

Travel / Culture 

Link TV Still

Link TV

General Audience   Duration: varies   License Expiration: Perpetuity*

Link TV broadcasts programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world. These programs provide a unique perspective on international news, current events, and diverse cultures, presenting issues not often covered in the US media. **License expiration reflects Link Explore series programming.




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