LED Streetlight Program Q&A

What are light-emitting diode (LED) street lights?

LED technology that has been used in lighting for decades. More recently, LED technology has advanced to streetlight applications. LED streetlights are extremely energy efficient, have long life spans and produce better light quality than typical high pressure sodium streetlights.


Why is Phoenix switching to LED lights?

Nationally, municipalities are switching to LED street lights for the same reason residents are switching to them in homes - they last far longer than traditional lights, use far less energy and are more reliable. By upgrading our streetlight network to LED the city will save energy, promote sustainability and increase the reliability of our lights.


How much will the LED streetlight conversion project cost and how much will the city save?

Over the next 15 years, the city expects energy and maintenance savings of more than $22 million above and beyond the $30 million cost to replace the city's 100,000 high pressure sodium streetlights with LEDs.


How is Phoenix paying for the LED streetlight conversion project?

Funding for this project will come from the city's general fund. The city will pay back the initial amount through annual energy savings.


Why are LED street lights good for the city?

LED lights will save city taxpayers more than $22 million dollars over the next 15 years. LED's last longer, use far less electricity and are less maintenance intensive. At full implementation, the city will save more than $1 million a year in maintenance costs and more than $2.8 million a year in energy costs. This move significantly advances the city's sustainability efforts, while saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.  

The LED fixtures that are being installed have been designed to provide an improved distribution of light. The LEDs shed light along the roadway, increasing visibility in dark spots between street light poles, rather than solely dumping light directly below street light fixtures as high pressure sodium lights do.


What kind of LED street lights is the city switching to?

The city will be replacing street light fixtures located on public roadways with energy-efficient LED fixtures. The new fixtures will feature a 2,700 kelvin LED. A light bulb's color temperature helps identify what the look and feel of the light produced will be. Color temperature of a light bulb is measured in degrees of kelvin on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000.


What is the city's standard kelvin level for LED street lights?

The city's standard kelvin for LED streets lights is 2,700 kelvins. In 2016, the Council revised the city's standard kelvin level for street lights from 4,000 kelvin to 2,700 kelvin. The revision was based on American Medical Association guidelines and extensive community input, potential environmental issues, technical lighting standards, and projected energy savings.


How many streetlights is the city replacing as part of the LED streetlight conversion project?

This project will replace all public roadway street lights within city limits. Approximately 100,000 streetlights will be replaced with LED throughout the city. This does not include any fixtures in private developments, or in alleys as they are not part of the public roadway street lights. 


Who will be performing the LED street light conversion work?

The city has contracted Ameresco to perform this work.


When can we expect to see the new LED lights showing up on city streets?

The citywide conversion is scheduled to begin fall 2017 and is programmed to be completed fall 2019. Information about the schedule for the citywide conversion and corresponding work zone maps and schedules is available on the city's LED program webpage at phoenix.gov/LED.

How long will the LED streetlight conversion project take to complete?

The entire conversion is estimated to take 24 months to complete.


While crews are switching out street light fixtures will curbside parking and sidewalk access be restricted?

While crews are working, the sidewalk and any curbside parking spaces located adjacent to the work site will be temporarily restricted.


What if I have a streetlight outage in my neighborhood before the new LED fixtures are installed?

If you are currently experiencing a streetlight outage, please contact the City of Phoenix street light outage line at 602-495-5125 or use the Phoenix at Your Service feature on the city's website to report the problem.


What is the city doing with all of the streetlights it is removing?

Existing high pressure sodium and non-2,700 kelvin LED streetlights will be removed and recycled.


Who can I contact for additional information about the LED street light conversion program?

Project Hotline: 602-889-0777

Email: Info@PhxLED.com

For more information about the City's LED street light program, visit phoenix.gov/LED