Moving Phoenix Forward


​Progress​ for Phoenix Since Stanton Took Office

Mayor Greg Stanton is working hard to create an innovation-based, export economy that works for every Phoenix family.  Since Stanton took office in 2012, Phoenix has seen major progress and reached some incredible milestones under his leadership.

Phoenix Becomes First U.S. City to End Chronic Veteran Homelessness  
A coordinated effort between the city, state, and federal governments, business leaders, the faith community and non-profit community led Phoenix to become the first city in America to end chronic homelessness among its veteran community.  Veterans' issues have been a priority of Stanton's since before he was elected, and this achievement was a huge milestone for the veteran community.  Other cities are now looking to Phoenix and its housing first strategy as a model for ending homelessness.  Read more about how Phoenix did it.​

Access to Care Ordinance Saves Local Hospitals  
When Phoenix hospitals were facing more than half a billion dollars in uncompensated care costs, Stanton and the City Council led the way.  They crafted a forward-thinking, bipartisan solution to bring home our fair share of federal health care funds.  The Access to Care Ordinance has since poured $300 into the local economy – erasing deficits, saving jobs, helping seniors get the care they need, and giving thousands of parents across the state the opportunity to sign their children up for KidsCare.

Phoenix Passes Anti-Discrimination Ordinance to City More LGBT-Friendly  
In February 2013, the City Council approved a proposal to expand the city's non-discrimination ordinance law to include protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and disabled persons related to city contracts, housing, employment and public accommodations.  Phoenix's efforts encouraged other Valley cities, including Tempe, to pass their own non-discrimination laws.   After Phoenix passed its ordinance, Stanton and his wife, Nicole, were honored as Echo Magazine's Man and Woman of the Year.

Phoenix Earns Perfect Score on Human Rights Campaign Equality Index  
The Human Rights Campaign recognized Phoenix's strides to ensure equal treatment of gay and lesbian individuals.  In 2013, the city earned a perfect score of 100 in the 2013 Municipal Equality Index (MEI), joining only 25 other U.S. cities with perfect scores.  Phoenix was the only city in Arizona to achieve a perfect score.  Most notable, though, is that Phoenix achieved its score without a supportive state anti-discrimination law in place – one of only eight cities to do so.  Phoenix earned a score of 70 in 2012, and was the most improved city in 2013 to earn a perfect score.  

Shop Local Policy Increases Value of Procurements to More than $2.3 Million  
Stanton prioritized local businesses first by putting in place a shop local policy.  Since taking office, the value of local procurement contracts to local businesses climbed from just $50,000 to more than $2.3 million.  

Downtown Phoenix, Inc. Fosters Teamwork in Decision Making Process  
When Stanton took office, he was determined to re-organize the decision making process for downtown Phoenix.  The result was Downtown Phoenix, Inc., an organization that unifies – for the first time – the arts community, downtown residents, Downtown Phoenix Partnership, Phoenix Community Alliance, and businesses, and gets them working on the same page.  In just a short time, DPI has worked to organize events that have added value in downtown, such as Feast on the Street, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Phoenix Festival of the Arts, CALA Festival, and the first-ever Viva Phoenix.

Innovation and Efficiency Task Force Save Taxpayers $91 Million  
In an effort to do better business at the city, Phoenix's Innovation and Efficiency Task Force has identified cost saving measures totaling $91 million through smarter governing and budgeting choices.  

Phoenix Ends Abusive Pension Spiking Practices  
In response to long-term pension costs rising, Stanton and the City Council modernized the system and ended the abusive practice of pension spiking by passing some of the toughest reforms in the country.  As a result, taxpayers will save $830 million over the next 25 years.

Mayors Education Roundtable Puts City Leaders at Front of Education Issues  
Recognizing the important role that mayors can play in advancing the education system, Stanton created the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable.  The Helios Education Foundation and WestEd support the organization, which brings together mayors and community leaders to discuss research-driven solutions for Arizona's kids.  Recently, the group released a groundbreaking report that details the economic impact of high school dropouts for Arizona cities – revealing a $7.6 billion economic cost.

Adaptive Reuse Projects Encourage Infill and Promote City's Character  
Stanton is encouraging business owners to find new, productive uses for older buildings with forward-thinking adaptive reuse policies.  The policy waves fees and adjusts permitting policies for business owners renovating older and historical buildings.  These projects are taking off, especially in the central corridor, along the light rail, and downtown.​