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Stanton, Council Approve Rainbow Crosswalk PlanStanton, Council Approve Rainbow Crosswalk Plan<div class="ExternalClassF8CE4871BECD4AD7B5CC4DE31593F519"><p>​Mayor Greg Stanton and the City Council today voted unanimously to install rainbow-painted crosswalks at two proposed locations to show support for the LGBTQ community.</p> <br>The vote came in response to community groups expressing interest as several cities throughout the United States have installed rainbow crosswalks as a symbol of inclusivity with the LGBTQ community.<br> <br>“Phoenix values and embraces its LGBTQ brothers and sisters,” Stanton said. “Phoenix is committed to ensuring equal treatment and rights for everyone and showing our support because we know diversity makes us stronger.” <br> <br>Two existing signalized pedestrian crosswalks are proposed to install rainbow crosswalks: the crossing of Central Avenue at Portland Street and the crossing of 7th Avenue at Glenrosa Avenue.<br> <br>The Phoenix Pride Community Foundation, one-n-ten, and Aunt Rita's Foundation each contacted the Mayor’s Office to request the installation of rainbow crosswalks in Phoenix. All three organizations are non-profits that serve and assist LGBTQ individuals and the community.<br> <br>These groups have offered to cover the costs of materials, installation and ongoing maintenance for the rainbow-painted portions of the crosswalks that are not already maintained by the City.<br> <br>Staff will work with the organizations to provide assistance regarding specifications on design, materials, installation and maintenance.<br> <br>For five years in a row, Phoenix has earned a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index for Phoenix’s ongoing efforts to ensure equal treatment of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. <br> <br>In 2013, Stanton led the passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance that established protections against discrimination for LGBTQ individuals and people living with disabilities.<br> <br>In 2016, Phoenix became the first city in Arizona to offer transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits to city employees and their families. The City now provides coverage for employees and their dependents who are transgender and need access to a range of care including hormone therapy or surgical procedures.  <br></div>4/25/2018 12:45:00 AMRaquel Estupinan602-261-8823