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FitPHX Launches WalkPHX with First Walk at Maryvale ParkFitPHX Launches WalkPHX with First Walk at Maryvale Park<div class="ExternalClass8CF7645B42F94DFD92EA3B833518FCDD"><p>​As part of the FitPHX program, the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department held the first official WalkPHX walk today at Maryvale Park, 4420 N. 51st Ave.  Mayor Greg Stanton, Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela, FitPHX Spokesperson Misty Hyman, Coca-Cola of Arizona, Atkinson Middle School students and community members gathered for the walk. </p><p>Maryvale is one of eight city parks with enhanced walking paths, thanks to a $25,000 grant from Coca-Cola of Arizona.  The grant is funding new WalkPHX signage and mileage markers at parks with established walking paths all around the city.  New walking programs will follow, along with a way for residents to track their WalkPHX mileage.</p><p>“These are the first of millions of WalkPHX steps that Phoenix residents will take,” said Mayor Greg Stanton.  “We see walkers at Phoenix parks from dawn to evening and we know that WalkPHX will encourage even more residents to take that first step to health.”</p><p>"FitPHX is a movement to make Phoenix the healthiest city in the country,” said Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela. "By enhancing the walking paths in our parks, we hope to encourage people of all ages and lifestyles to get up and go!"    </p><p>FitPHX is encouraging walkers at WalkPHX sites to email walking photos to <a href="mailto:fitphx@phoenix.gov">fitphx@phoenix.gov</a>, for posting on social media.  Include your name and the name of the park.</p><p>Coca-Cola’s grants are targeted for programs supporting active, healthy living.</p><p>"Our goal is to help communities invest in programs and infrastructure for physical activity,” said Karen Cox, Coca-Cola’s vice president of sales in Arizona. “We hope that our support of FitPHX leads to more residents going outside to take a walk in Phoenix’s fantastic parks.”</p><p>The first phase of parks with WalkPHX signage and mileage markers includes:  Cholla Cove, Cielito, Dynamite, El Reposo, Los Olivos, Manzanita, Maryvale and Paseo Highlands. Additional phase two park sites will be completed this summer (site partner in parentheses):  Steele Indian School (Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Kohl’s Fit), Verde (University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix), Hermoso (World Fit/UnitedHealthcare), Grant (Phoenix Parks), and on the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center campus.  For a listing of all the sites and a link to an interactive WalkPHX map, visit phoenix.gov/fitphx and click on the WalkPHX link.  Businesses and organizations interested in becoming WalkPHX partners can call 602-262-6864.   </p><p>FitPHX is a citywide initiative, led by Mayor Stanton, Councilman Valenzuela and Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman, with the goal of improving health and wellness in the region and making the Phoenix area one of the healthiest in the nation.  </p><p>The program encourages residents to lead healthier lifestyles, focusing on childhood and adult obesity, nutrition education, active infrastructure, healthy worksites and encouraging walking and bicycling, along with the use of public transportation.  For more information, visit phoenix.gov/fitphx. </p></div>5/14/2014 10:00:00 PMDavid Urbinato602-262-4994