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Experience "Intersection" March 17 - 18Experience "Intersection" March 17 - 18<div class="ExternalClass05EC9AA6F8A244A2BDC508123A31A447"><p><em>​<img alt="CF Intersection" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/News/AllItems/CF%20Intersection.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:465px;height:314px;float:right;" />Video, sound and interaction come together for two nights only during Art Detour.</em></p><p>"Intersection" is back and ready to dazzle with mesmerizing artwork, innovative technology, sound and interactivity. "Intersection" is a temporary digital projection project designed to transform a public space in downtown Phoenix. The second in a series organized by Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, this installation will once again morph the A.E. England Building at Civic Space Park into a glowing canvas after dark during an evening event happening for two-nights only from 6 -10 p.m. on March 17 – 18, 2017 during Art Detour 29. </p><p>The Office of Arts and Culture commissioned artist Casey Farina to produce original work and collaborate with Union Digital Inc. to produce the project. Casey Farina is a Phoenix-based artist who creates digital media experiences from iterative-electronic processes. This work often combines his expertise in digital media, animation, music composition and improvisation.</p><p>The project is a partnership between the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Downtown Phoenix Inc., Phoenix Convention Center, City of Phoenix Community & Economic Development Department, Friends of Phoenix Public Art and ArtLink.</p><p>For highlights from last year's successful "Intersection" debut, visit youtu.b​e/FSB-1lRs6Cw.  <br></p><p>To view a teaser of Casey Farina's artwork, visit youtu.be/Y3I​2pSoywqA or caseyfarina.net.<br></p><p>To see other activities happening in conjunction with Art Detour 29, visit artd​etour.com.</p><p><strong>About Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture </strong></p><p>The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, established by the Phoenix City Council in 1985, works to foster a sense of cultural identity, celebrate diversity and ensure an outstanding quality of community life. The Public Art Program was established in 1986 to improve the design of the city's buildings, spaces and infrastructure.  The Office is advised by a 22-member Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission.  For more information on the Office of Arts and Culture, visit <a href="/arts">phoenix.gov/arts</a> or call <span class="baec5a81-e4d6-4674-97f3-e9220f0136c1" style="white-space:nowrap;">602-262-4637</span>.  Follow the Office on Facebook and Twit​ter.<br></p></div>3/14/2017 7:00:00 AMEstrella Payton602-534-5084