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Phoenix Arts and Culture Organizations Generate Over $400 Million In Economic Activity According to Recent Americans for the Arts StudyPhoenix Arts and Culture Organizations Generate Over $400 Million In Economic Activity According to Recent Americans for the Arts Study<div class="ExternalClassB44B56624B514E35A4A6CCD00F219E26"><p></p><div>Not-for-profit arts and culture organizations and their audiences in Phoenix contribute nearly $402 million in direct economic activity to the city, according to the 2017 Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 report conducted by the Americans for the Arts, a national arts advocacy organization. The report is based on data collected every five years by participating cities and is the most comprehensive economic impact study of arts and culture non-profits conducted in the United States.  The $402 million impact represents a $100 million, or more than 30 percent, increase since the 2012 study. The report also shows a 1.7 million jump in audience growth, with nearly 7 million in local and visiting event attendees.  In addition, Phoenix arts and culture organizations and their audiences support 12,815 full time equivalent jobs and generate $45 million in local and state revenue.<br></div><div><br>Mayor Greg Stanton will host a presentation of the report findings, “Building a Prosperous Phoenix Through the Arts,” from 8:30-10 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 29 at the Arizona Opera, 1636 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix. He will be joined by Americans for the Arts Vice President Randy Cohen.</div><div><br>“Phoenix is rich with talent and blessed with a diverse and authentic arts and culture scene,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “This study proves what art-lovers and smart business leaders already know – when we invest in arts and culture we make Phoenix a more interesting and attractive place to live, and we strengthen our economy.”</div><div><br>The 90 surveyed organizations in Phoenix spent a total of $164.6 million in fiscal year 2016, while their audiences spent $237.2 million.  Event-related spending includes purchased items like meals, drinks, clothing, souvenirs, transportation, and lodging. Audiences spent an average of $34.80 per person, not including the cost of admission.</div><div><br>The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture annually awards grants to Phoenix not-for-profit organizations to provide arts and culture programming for the public. The 2017 economic impact report shows that for every $1 the city invests in arts and culture the community receives $26 return on that investment.</div><div><br>“When we support our community’s arts and culture organizations, we’re adding value to every neighborhood in Phoenix, and we’re acknowledging the important history and heritage of so many people. The Arts directly contribute to our City economically, bringing in tourism dollars and spending that otherwise would go elsewhere,” said Phoenix <br>Vice Mayor Laura Pastor, chair of the City Council Parks, Arts, Education and Equality Subcommittee. “Widespread support also ensures that everyone can participate and appreciate the arts. Just as importantly, when we sustain arts and culture, we help create the diverse, vibrant community that makes Phoenix a great place to live, play, learn, and thrive.”</div><div><br>According to Randy Cohen of Americans for the Arts, Phoenix was one of 341 communities across the country participating in the Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 study.<br><br></div><div>“It’s through the excellent work of cities like Phoenix that we’re able to make the case to elected officials and business leaders: arts investment is good for tourism, it’s good for the bottom line, and it’s good for our communities as a whole," Cohen said.</div><div><br>Nationally, non-profit arts organizations and their audiences collectively spent $166.3 billion to support 4.6 million jobs.  Other Valley communities also benefit from this spending.  In Mesa total spending was $29.6 million ($16.8 by organizations and $12.8 by audiences). West Valley expenditures totaled $22.9 million ($13.1 million by organizations and $9.8 by audiences). </div><div><br>To view the full Phoenix Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 Report please visit:  <a href="/arts">phoenix.gov/arts</a></div><div><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;">About Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture </span></div><div>The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, established by the Phoenix City Council in 1985, works to foster a sense of cultural identity, celebrate diversity and ensure an outstanding quality of community life. For more information on the Office of Arts and Culture, visit phoenix.gov/arts or call 602-262-4637.  Follow the Office on Facebook: www.facebook.com/phxofficeofartsandculture and Twitter <a href="https://twitter.com/phxarts_culture">@phxarts_culture</a>.</div><div><br></div></div>8/28/2017 3:10:00 PMMatthew Heil602-534-0108