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Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Announces Nearly $1 Million in Grants to 60 Phoenix Arts and Culture OrganizationsPhoenix Office of Arts and Culture Announces Nearly $1 Million in Grants to 60 Phoenix Arts and Culture Organizations<div class="ExternalClassFA77284474A042269AAAF86F7F7947F0"><table width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:100%;"><p><img src="/artssite/MediaAssets/POAC%20New%20Grantees.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:900px;height:223px;" /><br>The Phoenix Office of Arts + Culture is pleased to announce the recipients of the Community Arts Support Grants Program for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. This month Arts + Culture will award a total of <strong>$915,346</strong> in the form of <strong>72</strong> grants to <strong>60</strong> not-for-profit arts and culture organizations serving Phoenix residents through arts and culture activities. This is in increase from last year – 63 grants awarded to 54 organizations in 2017-2018.</p><p>Grant categories are A+CCESS I, A+CCESS II, A+CTION, Rental Support, Youth Arts Engagement, and Collaborative Communities grants.</p><p>Approved by the City Council on July 5, 2018, the funding allocation also includes over $8,000 in dedicated grants for youth-led, youth-centered programming recommended by the city's teen-led Youth Arts and Culture Council (YACC). An additional $11,700 will be allocated after the fall grant cycle recommendations are determined by the YACC.</p><p>Through a commitment to reach more of the community, allocations included grant funding for eight newly funded organizations: Arizona Artists' Guild, Arizona Broadway Theatre, Arizona School for the Arts Violin Ensemble, Arizona School for the Arts Film Club, CALA Alliance, Harmony Project, Phoenix Women's Chorus, and the Teen Artists Guild at Phoenix Center for the Arts.</p><p>"Arts and culture experiences enhance the community and help distinguish Phoenix as a great place to live and do business," said Mayor Thelda Williams. "We are happy to support outstanding organizations and cultural events by increasing the budget to the Community Arts Support Grants Program this year. By investing in the arts and culture, we are investing in the people of Phoenix."<br>  </p><p><strong>GRANTS CATEGORIES and RECIPIENTS </strong></p><p><strong>A+CCESS I (Arts + Culture Community Engagement Services Support)</strong></p><p>General operating grants for not-for-profit arts or cultural organizations with a budget of at least $2,500,000.</p><p>Arizona Opera: $15,874<br> Arizona Science Center:  $37,546<br> Arizona Theatre Company:  $18,402<br> Ballet Arizona:  $27,828<br> Children's Museum of Phoenix:  $20,883<br> Desert Botanical Garden: $45,402<br> Heard Museum:  $37,119<br> Musical Instrument Museum:  $41,024<br> Phoenix Art Museum:  $30,903<br> Phoenix Symphony Association:  $26,478<br> Phoenix Theatre:  $35,475</p><p> </p><p><strong>A+CCESS II (Arts + Culture Community Engagement Services Support)</strong></p><p>General operating grants for not-for-profit arts or culture organizations with a budget between $250,000 and $2,499,999.</p><p>Arizona Jewish Historical Society:  $9,050<br> Black Theatre Troupe, Inc.:  $12,083<br> Free Arts of Arizona:  $17,365<br> Great Arizona Puppet Theater:  $12,572<br> Jazz in Arizona, Inc.:  $13,292<br> Phoenix Boys Choir Association:  $7,909<br> Phoenix Center for the Arts:  $12,419<br> Phoenix Chamber Music Society:  $8,034<br> Phoenix Children's Chorus:  $11,000<br> Phoenix Chorale:  $10,057<br> Phoenix Conservatory of Music:  $13,576<br> Phoenix Film Foundation:  $9,138<br> Rosie's House: A Music Academy for Children:  $14,116<br> Rosson House/Heritage Square Foundation:  $9,060<br> Valley Youth Theatre:  $15,214<br> Xico:  $12,462<br><br></p><p><strong>A+CTION (Arts + Culture Targeted Infrastructure and Organizational Needs)</strong></p><p>Capacity building for not-for-profit arts or culture organizations with a budget between $25,000 and $249,999.<br> <br>Alwun House Foundation:  $7,000<br> Artlink, Inc.:   $7,000<br> CALA Alliance:  $7,000<br> Cultural Coalition:  $7,000<br> Grand Canyon Performing Arts, Inc.:  $7,000<br> iTheatre Collaborative:  $7,000<br> MusicaNova Orchestra:  $7,000<br> North Valley Symphony Orchestra:  $7,000<br> Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix:  $7,000<br> Phoenix Women's Chorus: $7,000<br> Rising Youth Theatre:  $7,000<br> Scorpius Dance Theatre:  $7,000<br> Young Arts Arizona:  $7,000<br><br></p><p><strong>Collaborative Communities</strong></p><p>Project grants for festivals or other community collaborations. Applicants can apply with a fiscal agent if they do not have non-profit status.<br> <br>Artlink, Inc., Art Detour:  $3,150<br> Cultural Coalition, Dia de Los Muertos:  $3,000<br> Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix, Legacy Concert:  $3,150<br> Rising Youth Theatre, Genesis Arts Residency:  $3,000<br> Young Arts Arizona, Art of Healing:  $2,800<br> Arab American Festival, 2019 Festival:  $2,274<br> Arizona Artists Guild, Veterans Ceramics Program:  $2,879<br> Arizona Humanities Council, Ghostly Stories Festival:  $2,613<br> Convergence Ballet Company, P.L.I.E.S. Program:  $3,500<br> India Association of Phoenix, 2019 Festival:  $2,274<br> Indo American Cultural Connect, 2019 Festival: $2,975<br> Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, Haru in the Garden:  $2,450<br> Kids In Focus, 2019 Photography Project:  $3,150<br> Movement Source Inc., Dance Stories:  $1,900<br> Phoenix Blues Society, Blues 4 Vets:  $3,150<br> Playback Theatre of Arizona, Visibility and Voice IV:  $3,500<br> Red Rocks Music Festival, 2019 Festival:  $3,150<br> Release the Fear, Bridging Possibilities Workshop:  $3,150<br> School of Hip Hop PHX, Jazz Hip Hop and STEM Summer Camp:  $3,000<br>  </p><p><strong>Youth Arts and Culture Engagement</strong></p><p>Designed to support youth-led (under 19 years old) and youth-centered arts and culture groups, councils, or clubs based in the city of Phoenix.</p><p>Arizona School for the Arts Film Club:  $2,000<br> Arizona School for the Arts Viola Ensemble:  $1,300<br> Harmony Project Phoenix:  $3,000<br> Phoenix Center for the Arts Youth Arts Festival:  $2,000<br>  </p><p><strong>Rental Support </strong></p><p>Designed to support primary users (at least 15 performances) of Orpheum Theatre, Symphony Hall, or Herberger Theatre stages.<br> <br>Arizona Broadway Theatre:  $14,530<br> Arizona Opera:  $13,670<br> Arizona Theatre Company:  $35,487<br> Ballet Arizona:  $39,240<br> Center Dance Ensemble:  $5,550<br> Childsplay Inc.:  $28,757<br> iTheatre Collaborative:  $2,543<br> Phoenix Symphony Association:  $74,325<br> Valley Youth Theatre:  $10,898</p><p>To learn more about the Phoenix Office of Arts + Culture Community Arts Support Grants Program, please visit: <a href="http://lists.phoenix.gov/t/1379156/341392/16913/3/">https://www.phoenix.gov/arts/grants-program</a><br>  </p><p><strong>About Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture </strong></p><p>The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, established by the Phoenix City Council in 1985, works to foster a sense of cultural identity, celebrate diversity and ensure an outstanding quality of community life. The Public Art Program was established in 1986 to improve the design of the city's buildings, spaces and infrastructure.  The Office is advised by the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission.  For more information on the Office of Arts and Culture, visit phoenix.gov/arts or call 602-262-4637.  Follow the Office on Facebook: <a href="http://lists.phoenix.gov/t/1379156/341392/21853/6/">www.facebook.com/phxartsculture</a>, Instagram <a href="http://lists.phoenix.gov/t/1379156/341392/21852/9/">@phxartsculture</a> and Twitter <a href="http://lists.phoenix.gov/t/1379156/341392/13228/10/">@phxarts_culture</a>.<br></p></td></tr></tbody></table><p><br></p></div>7/9/2018 11:15:00 PMMatthew Heil602-534-0108