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Phoenix Residents Invited to Celebrate "A Path for Water" at Sculpture DedicationPhoenix Residents Invited to Celebrate "A Path for Water" at Sculpture Dedication<div class="ExternalClassB0AD891279E8418EAAC5691458A4F9A5"><p>T​he city of Phoenix Water Services Department and the Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture invite residents to celebrate the latest addition to the city's public art collection, with the dedication of "A Path for Water" from 5-6 p.m. ​​on Tuesday, Nov. 5.<br><br>"A Path for Water" combines landscape elements and a large sculptural funnel, shaped like a water spout, to create a contemplative space in the neighborhood at Sixth Street and Butler Avenue. <br><br>As with the city's other well site sculpture installations, "A Path for Water" reimagines inactive properties where underground wells were once used to provide water to neighborhoods.<br><br>Together artist Babara Grygutis and landscape architects from Dig Studio developed "A Path for Water," which includes the primary sculpture along with a pedestrian path, shade elements, and low-water-use plants and landscaping to transform what was previously an industrial space into a vibrant community gem.<br><br>"It's wonderful to be able to celebrate such a dynamic art installation like 'A Path for Water' with the community," said Office of Arts & Culture executive director Mitch Menchaca. "Our partnership with the Water Services Department truly lets us bring world-class art into neighborhoods throughout Phoenix."<br><br>Attendees will be able to experience the brilliant lighting effects of "A Path for Water" up close at the sunset dedication ceremony, which highlights the dramatic interplay of light and shadow used to evoke a swirling fountain of water rising from the earth.</p><p><img alt="The sculpture "A Path to Water" with blue lights at night." src="/artssite/MediaAssets/Fully%20Dark.png" style="margin:5px;width:300px;height:400px;vertical-align:baseline;" /><br><br></p></div>10/28/2019 11:15:00 PMMatthew Heil602-534-0108