Sky Harbor's East Cell Phone Lot is MovingSky Harbor's East Cell Phone Lot is Moving<div class="ExternalClass33046A0A4EB143B3AF83C033FE1AE96B"><p>​In order to reduce traffic congestion near Terminal 4, Sky Harbor is moving the East Cell Phone Lot to a new location.  Beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 5, the cell phone lot directly east of Terminal 4 will close and a larger cell phone lot will open on the northeast side of the Airport. Sky Harbor will provide a series of lighted signs guiding drivers to the new location, north of East Economy Parking.  </p><p>For drivers entering from the west, Sky Harbor will continue to offer its cell phone lot located just west of Terminal 2.</p><p>Additionally, those picking up and dropping off Terminal 4 passengers can avoid traffic tie ups by using the PHX Sky Train® Station at 44th Street and Washington. From the East Valley, drivers have two options:</p><ul><li>Take the 202 west to the 44th Street exit and proceed south<br></li><li>Drive north on State Route 143 to the Washington Street exit, drive west on Washington to 44th Street, then turn south.</li></ul><p>The 44th Street PHX Sky Train® station features a cell phone lot where drivers may wait, free of charge, while their friends or loved ones take the 5-minute ride on the train from Terminal 4. Terminal 4 serves 80 percent of Sky Harbor’s passengers on American, Air Canada, British Airways, Southwest, US Airways, Volaris and WestJet.<br>For the latest information on traffic conditions, follow Phoenix Sky Harbor on Facebook or Twitter @PHXskyharbor. </p></div>11/4/2014 6:00:00 PM(Media) Sky Harbor Public Information Office602-273-3300