More Than 1,000 New Economy Parking Spaces Available at Terminal 2 GarageMore Than 1,000 New Economy Parking Spaces Available at Terminal 2 Garage<div class="ExternalClass2D7A945F5AE446F5A7486F58DE75FCEF"><p>Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has added more than 1,000 economy spaces to the roof of the Terminal 2 garage. These uncovered parking spaces are available to customers at a rate of $9 per day. </p><p>The new spaces are in addition to the covered parking already available in the Terminal 2 garage. Customers who wish to park in the shade have two options: Daily parking spaces which are closest to the terminal at $25 a day and covered economy parking spaces at $11 per day. Drivers will see signs at the entrance to the Terminal 2 garage offering them all three parking rate choices.</p><p>The garage is located right across the street from Terminal 2. Customers parking in this facility and flying out of Terminals 3 or 4 will use a covered walkway to the Terminal 3 PHX Sky Train station. The walk between the Terminal 2 garage and the PHX Sky Train station takes about five minutes. PHX Sky Carts are also available for those who have difficulty walking long distances. </p><p>The new $9 spaces on the roof of the Terminal 2 garage offer an additional option to customers who routinely park in West Economy. On January 13, West Economy will convert to a Park and Walk facility and offer customers a reduced price of $7 per day. </p><p>Sky Harbor offers an interactive tool which allows customers to search for parking by airline, price and convenience at skyharbor.com/findaspot.</p><font face="Times New Roman"></font></div>12/16/2014 7:35:00 PM(Media) Sky Harbor Public Information Office602-273-3300