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Jeff Barton Selected as City of Phoenix Budget & Research DirectorJeff Barton Selected as City of Phoenix Budget & Research Director<div class="ExternalClass79E07B3AC8B94C89864809C5033D3FAC"><p>​Jeff Barton has been named Budget and Research Director for the city of Phoenix. He has worked for the city since 1999 and recently served six months as acting director for the department.</p><p>Barton oversees the development of the city’s $3.2 billion operating budget. He brings a depth of budgetary experience and insight that is critical in the city’s annual budget process.</p><p>“Jeff is an experienced financial and budgeting professional with background in the areas of compliance and budget preparation,” said City Manager Ed Zuercher. “Jeff has continuously demonstrated his ability to develop a deep knowledge of city operations and strong working relationships with his peers, City Council and employees.”</p><p>Barton plans to continue to provide thorough and accurate information to city leadership to ensure the efficient and effective allocation of city resources. He also hopes to enhance the department’s ability to analyze data through the implementation of a new budget software system. The system is expected help staff make more informed financial decisions.</p><p>“I am excited for this leadership opportunity,” said Barton. “One of my priorities will be to continue to find efficient and effective ways to provide important services to our residents at the lowest possible cost.” </p><p>Previously, he served as Deputy Budget and Research Director and Management Assistant with the department and as an Internal Auditor at the city. Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Morehouse College and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. </p><p>Facts about Jeff Barton:</p><p>* From Philadelphia, PA</p><p>* Married for 16 years to a librarian and has three children</p><p>* Hobbies: Visiting revolutionary and civil war battlefields, boxing and music</p><p>* Interesting fact: Barton is a direct decedent of Abolitionist Frederick Douglass. His great-great grandfather and two great-great uncles were members of the famous 54th Massachusetts first all-black infantry unit in the U.S. Army. Famous for its battle at Fort Wagner, S.C. during the Civil War as depicted in the movie Glory starring Denzel Washington.</p><div><img src="/budgetsite/MediaAssets/Barton%20Jeff%202006%20200x300.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:195px;" /><br></div></div>2/5/2016 8:00:00 PMTammy VoBudget & Research Dept.602-261-8980