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Phoenix City Council Approves Fast Track Cities Action PlanPhoenix City Council Approves Fast Track Cities Action Plan<div class="ExternalClass9EF0DF26D9C04F1F9BD5538295F94699"><p>​The Phoenix City Council has joined cities around the world by adopting the Fast Track Cities action plan to work towards ending HIV/AIDS in our community by 2030.  The plan commits the city to work collaboratively and inclusively to use resources and tools to address key factors related to HIV/AIDS and measure and report results.</p><p>In Oct. 2016, Mayor Stanton and the Phoenix City Council authorized the city to join the Fast-Track Cities Initiative, and in Jan. 2017 Vice Mayor Laura Pastor and Councilman Daniel Valenzuela were appointed to co-chair the initiative.</p><p>"I am happy to have joined my colleagues today to approve a community-wide effort to end AIDS in Phoenix," said Vice Mayor Laura Pastor at the Phoenix City Council meeting where the item was approved Sept 12. "This is an issue that affects everyone, and it demands an all-inclusive, holistic solution. I am proud of the work the ad-hoc committee has accomplished in volunteering so many hours to develop this plan. Together we will work to end this disease in our City once and for all, and remove the unfair stigma associated with people living with HIV."</p><p>A diverse 23-member ad-hoc committee composed of community organizations, advocacy groups, government departments, and medical providers have come together to work with city staff to develop the aggressive action plan.  The goal for all Fast Track Cities is to achieve the "90-90-90-0" targets of the plan by 2020.</p><ul><li>90 percent of people living with the HIV (PLHIV) knowing their HIV status </li><li>90 percent of PLHIV who know their HIV-positive status on antiretroviral therapy (ART) </li><li>90 percent of PLHIV on ART achieving viral suppression</li><li>Zero discrimination and stigma against people living with HIV</li></ul><p>"This is one of the most honorable and meaningful initiatives I have had the privilege to work on during my time with the City Council," said Councilman Daniel Valenzuela. "I applaud the work of our ad-hoc committee and look forward to seeing the progression to ending HIV/AIDS in our community."</p><p>To view the full plan please visit: <a href="/hivphx">https://www.phoenix.gov/hivphx</a>. </p></div>9/13/2017 5:00:00 PMNick Valenzuela602-495-5405