Councilman Bill Gates Urges Residents to Observe No Burn DaysCouncilman Bill Gates Urges Residents to Observe No Burn Days<div class="ExternalClassDA239082FCD543A394AF696E686AC76D"><p>City Councilman Bill Gates is urging Phoenix residents to observe No Burn Days during the winter months, when weather patterns often create poor air quality conditions.</p><p>"On cold winter days, it's natural to want to use the fireplace or backyard fire pit," Councilman Gates said. "But burning wood on No Burn Days is not only an irritant to healthy people, it can be a serious health hazard for children, the elderly and anyone with heart or lung illnesses. Please take No Burn Days seriously and hold off on the fire until restrictions are lifted."</p><p>If residents are unsure if a No Burn Days is in effect, they can check the status online at cleanairmakemore.com or by calling 602-506-6400. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day typically are declared No Burn Days, and residents should check before burning wood on these days. Residents also can download the Clean Air Mobile App or sign up for automatic e-mail or text alerts on No Burn Days.<br><br>Phoenix is actively reaching out to its residents about the importance of observing No Burn Days through its Phoenix Afterschool Programs (PAC), use of road signs, distributing materials to residents at payment centers and community centers, and reminding employees when restrictions are in effect.</p><p>"The city has worked closely with Maricopa County and other regional partners to achieve federal air quality health standards," Councilman Gates added. "In addition to the health hazards, burning wood on No Burn Days increases the risk of us falling out of compliance with these standards, which could mean burdensome and costly federal regulations and higher fines."</p><p>The City of Phoenix is a part of regional clean air campaign that includes the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Maricopa County, the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Mayo Clinic. </p></div>12/18/2014 10:00:00 PMDavid Urbinato602-495-5405