Councilwoman Laura Pastor’s Statement on Phoenix City Council Property Tax VoteCouncilwoman Laura Pastor’s Statement on Phoenix City Council Property Tax Vote<div class="ExternalClass1C8CF9C655B741E195A0805CC0A80706"><p>​“I passionately believe that Phoenix City Councilmembers best serve their communities through direct connections with their neighborhood leaders and residents. Our responsibilities lie in nurturing an environment where the community comes together to find solutions and where we maintain high quality city services. I feel we fulfilled that responsibility in making our decision today to raise property taxes for the first time in 20 years.<br><br>As a girl, youth programs - such as leadership and community service programs, or sports and recreational activities - fostered my connection to Phoenix.<br><br>Throughout my time on the City Council, I’ve heard from the residents I represent about their own similar experiences, and how they want their families to share in those same programs to stay connected with the City. To ensure family based programs continue, I found it prudent to vote in favor of the property tax.<br><br>Budgets directly reflect the choice to make resources available to sustain the programs that our neighbors value. If they do not mirror these demands, we as councilmembers have either failed to maintain our connection to our neighborhoods, or we have failed to do as our constituents ask and deserve.<br><br>This decision was the result of many people coming together. In the end, this process and ultimate decision epitomize the values and priorities of a city. If we stay connected to each other and stay true to our common goals, we can continue to be the Phoenix we proudly call home.”​</p></div>7/2/2016 12:00:00 AMDavid Urbinato602-495-5405